our mission

Make work attractive and accessible to all

Since 2020, we have amended our legal statutes to become a mission-driven company with the purpose of "Make work attractive and accessible to all." Explore our concrete actions in our mission reports.

Let's rewind to understand how and why we embarked on this fight.
Here we are in 2016. Florent and Jean, both familiar with the restaurant industry, join forces. Their goal? To provide a solution to a major problem in the field: the shortage of labor.
Indeed, there's not much clamoring at the gate. And for good reason.
Burnout, absences, resignations, career changes... Finding reliable staff has become a real obstacle course.
And the hospitality industry isn't the only sector affected. The healthcare and social services sector is also heavily impacted.
The reasons?
Often difficult working conditions, irregular hours, the health crisis, compensation that no longer meets expectations...
In short, while these professions are necessary, they no longer meet expectations, and the overall context doesn't help.
And more concretely, what does this look like in terms of numbers? It's not pretty.
The gap between supply and demand is widening.
Over 150,000 jobs are vacant in hotels, cafes, and restaurants in the UK. Between 100,000 and 150,000 positions are also unfilled on the healthcare side.
Now that the situation is clear, what do we do?
Florent and Jean also identify an even more significant issue in their eyes: the lack of recognition and valorisation of talents in these sectors. They then create Brigad.
Their desire: to reignite the passion in as many people as possible to choose these professions, which are as fascinating as they are necessary.
Their approach: to offer more freedom to those they call "talents".
Brigad develops a platform that connects establishments (restaurants, nursing homes, etc.) with freelance professionals (nurses, nursing assistants, bartenders, chefs, etc.) for occasional missions.
In other words? Talents choose their missions and their clients.
And what about the recruiters? They find suitable and motivated profiles in less than 2 hours.
A win-win combo.
And it doesn't stop at short-term missions, quite the opposite.
With this approach, Brigad provides the right conditions for talents to stay in the sector, progress, and advance their careers. Their compensation is, in fact, on average 15 to 20% higher than if they were in a traditional employment contract.
For establishments, they can also manage their operations with peace of mind, with present and committed teams.
From there was born Brigad and its mission:make work attractive and accessible to all.