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a complete solution

The all-in-one solution to address your back-up staffing needs

Our unique technology is designed to seamlessly connect you with the most relevant professionals for your needs and continuously optimise your collaborations.

Automatically connect with thousands of self‑employed professionals

Each talent profile is carefully verified to check their experience and skills through a strict process. Self employed professionals are empowered to thrive on their passion. This means you get the guarantee to collaborate with motivated and qualified professionals who know how to meet your needs.
quick and easy

Post your missions in just 3 minutes

Mission propositions

Brigad promotes talents’ freedom to work where and when they want. The app guides you in creating compelling mission propositions in just a few clicks, to increase the chances of your mission being accepted.

Competitive pricing

Pricing dynamically adapts to the market to guarantee the competitiveness of your mission. 
For each mission created, the price is displayed in real time with no hidden costs.

Where you need to be sure to connect with a professional quickly, you can easily increase the price of your mission.

Extended job reach

Sometimes, when you need to find back-up staff urgently, the required skills and experience aren't always available. The app automatically suggests similar jobs to offer the mission to, with time optimisation and mission acceptance in mind.


Technology comes into play

No more intermediaries, our algorithm takes care of identifying the most relevant profiles for your mission and automatically sends them the proposition.

Thanks to this technology, 2/3 of connections are made in under 2 hours.

a network of trust

Create your own network of talents and collaborate easily in the future

At the end of a mission, you and the talent are invited to provide feedback on your collaboration.

By adding talents to your favourites, you create your own network of talents and can give them priority access to future missions you create.


All your admin tasks are taken care of automatically

Contracts & invoices

Each contract and invoice is generated automatically and accessible at any time on the app, ensuring each mission is covered by a legal framework and making your accounting easier.


No need to worry about paying staff on time, invoice payment happens automatically through the app by direct debit.

all documents centralized

All you legal documents are centralised in the app

Have an audit coming up ? No stress. All legal documents are centralised in the app and can be downloaded in just one click (contracts, invoices, terms & conditions).

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