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The most reliable and motivated freelancers use Brigad

Brigad is an exclusive community of only the best professionals. Every profile is strictly vetted to ensure that only the most qualified have access to our platform.

Talents are free to choose which missions they want to accept, resulting in a high level of motivation and dedication.

Work with the best

Only 13% of those that sign-up get access to the app, to receive your missions.
100% of profiles are verified via a strict process
Our powerful connection technology sends your missions to only the most suitable professionals for your needs.
The process

Learn more about our vetting process

ID verification

Brigad uses biometric technology to confirm the validity of identity documents.

Right of work and UTRs

We use official documentation or Government Gateway to verify talents UTRs. Where necessary, we also check share codes to confirm the right to work status of non-UK citizens.

Qualifications & diplomas

Diplomas are verified against the certifying body.


A minimum of one year of experience in a role is required. 
Talents are also tested on topics relating to their field and area of expertise (eg. safety and hygiene standards, DBS checks etc.).

Segmentation par domaine d’expertise

Puisqu’un même métier n’est pas exercé de la même manière suivant les établissements et le public, nous identifions les expertises par type d’établissement et par service.


A model based on freedom

The Brigad app does not place professionals on missions. Instead, talents are free to choose to accept mission as they please, which promotes a different relationship to work and results in stronger motivation.
Reliable and dedicated: Missions descriptions enable professionals to make informed decisions when willingly accepting missions.
Resourceful: Opting to be a freelancer isn’t accessible to everyone, as it involves a higher level of risk. Those who choose this are often the most motivated and competent.
Adaptable: Taking on multiple and varied missions enables professionals to grow a diverse and rich experience, which they can draw upon to benefit your business.

Key data points:

show-up rate of talents, from a sample of 200K missions since January 2022.
of talents on Brigad who have received full-time job offers have chosen to remain self-employed for the freedom and work-life balance it provides.
The community of talents

Collaborate with talents

All you need to do to collaborate with the Brigad community is to create a mission on the app - it takes just a few clicks. Your mission will then be directly sent to the most relevant available talents based on your criteria.

As soon as a professional accepts your mission, you will be instantly connected and can contact them via the app.
Successful collaborations

Feedback is at the heart of successful collaborations

At Brigad, we believe in continuous growth. This is why we have created a feedback loop, enabling both businesses and talents to evaluate their collaboration.
Your feedback keeps professionals engaged
Feedback from businesses helps talents know how they can continuously improve.
You benefit from the feedback given by your peers
The talents who will receive your missions will have received positive feedback from businesses similar to yours.

Key data points:

satisfaction rate from businesses with the talents they have worked with, from a sample of 200K missions since January 2022.
of businesses choose to work with talents they have previously collaborated with.

Tailor your experience with favourites

Brigad allows you to add professionals with whom you have had a particularly good experience to a list of favourites.
Build a network of trusted professionals to strengthen both your personal and employee network.
Save time by working with professionals you trust, who are already familiar with your business, procedures, teams, and can therefore hit the ground running.

Get connected with the best professional for your needs

Our connection technology sends your missions exclusively to the most relevant profiles for your business and needs. Here are a few examples of the criteria it takes into account:


The algorithm only offers your missions to professionals with a compatible schedule.


Talents love the convenience of working with businesses close to them. Proximity also helps accelerate connection rates for last minute missions and reduces the chance of lateness or absences.

Relevant experience and skills

The algorithm addresses your missions only to the talents with experience and skills matching your needs.

Trusted by over 10,000 businesses to reinforce their teams

Brigad is used by large groups and independent businesses in every sector of the hospitality industry.

Discover all the jobs available on the app

  • Chef de partie
  • Cook
  • Commis / Prep. Chef
  • Head Chef
  • Kitchen porter
  • Pastry Chef
  • Pastry commis
  • Pizzaïolo
  • Sous-Chef
  • Host(ess)
  • Maitre d’hôtel
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Runner
  • Senior Waiter
  • Waiter
  • Bartender
  • Barista
  • Bar back
  • Mixologist
  • Senior Bartender
  • Sommelier
  • Infirmier
  • Aide-soignant
  • Auxiliaire de Vie
  • Accompagnant éducatif et social
  • Moniteur éducateur
  • Educateur spécialisé
Cuisine et entretien
  • Plongeur
  • Commis de cuisine
  • Cuisinier
  • Chef de Partie
  • Sous-Chef
  • Chef
  • ASH

What if you run into issues ?

  • Our support team is available 7 days a week
    You can contact them directly via the app, from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 5:30pm on weekends.
  • Effective support to solve your problems
    Whether it's to find a substitute, receive compensation, or report an issue, you'll always speak with a real human (no bots!) who will work with you to find a concrete solution.
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