Service fees —
everything you need to know

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What are service fees?

For access to the app and its related services, Brigad charges talents and business service fees. They’re calculated as a percentage of the total cost of a mission.

Support available every day

Our team is on hand 7 days a week to help you with navigating the Brigad app

Automated invoices and payment

No admin required! Contracts and invoices are generated in-app. Payments are also automated - receive them weekly or within 72 hours after a mission is completed.

Quality protection in case of incident

You are covered by public liability insurance for all missions accepted through Brigad, as well as a Revenue Protection Programme in case of an accident or illness.

Diverse missions

Our Sales teams are in touch with businesses every day to make sure there is always a variety of quality missions on the app.

An app that is constantly improving

Our technical teams are always working on improving and developing the Brigad app in order to continually give you the best experience.

More detail

How do the service fees work?

Both talents and businesses are charged with service fees

  • You’ll pay a 12.90% service fee for each mission you complete.
  • For businesses, Brigad will directly invoice them for their service fees.

Everything is automated, you don’t need to do the maths. Simply start accepting missions, Brigad takes care of the rest.


Understanding invoices on Brigad

For each mission, two invoices will be generated

Your invoice to the business, for the mission you completed
This is automatically generated and sent to your client though the Brigad app. The total on this invoice is your turnover.
The invoice for Brigad’s service fees
These are the service fees you owe Brigad.

In practice, the service fees will be automatically deducted. So, you won’t need to make any payment and the amount you receive after completing a mission will be your net earnings.

These invoices allow you to keep track of your accounts and calculate your turnover and overheads.