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Find out more about our team and its ambition, as well as the career opportunities we offer.


Reviving the job market through greater flexibility

Brigad offers a solution to those who want to turn their passion into a profession and a sustainable source of income, by providing them with an innovative online tool that brings together a committed and reliable community of self-employed professionals and businesses.

It's in our DNA to help every professional in the hospitality industry live off their profession, while being valued, respected, independent and free.

We are revolutionising their way of working to make it more dynamic, offering greater flexibility to self-employed workers, and higher quality to companies looking to strengthen their teams with qualified talent.


A Growth Mindset

Brigad was founded in 2016 by Florent Malbranche and Jean Lebrument aimed to use their skills to help those who had also decided to pursue their life's passion.
Initially dedicated to the hospitality industry, Brigad’s activity expanded in 2020 to include roles in healthcare, as well. We then officially became a mission-driven company, and are continuing to expand into new industries and markets.
Brigad has quickly become a name of reference in France and the United Kingdom. Today, we help more than 20,000 passionate self-employed professionals make a living from their skills, and more than 10,000 companies to find reinforcements for their teams in just a few clicks.
“ We have always been committed to rethinking the world of work, to make careers in passion-fuelled professions easier. ”

Where Passions Thrive

Our mission to "make work attractive and accessible to all" also applies internally. We strive to build a healthy, balanced, and inclusive working environment, so that our team are as happy and fulfilled as our users. Check out our Candidate Booklet to find out more about Brigad, our employees’ experiences, & our recruitment process.

Our mission

As a mission-driven company within the meaning of the Pacte Act (France), we are committed to having a real social and environmental impact.

We monitor key indicators such as maximising equal opportunities and limiting fraud.
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Our commitments

We’ve chosen to implement a range of measures that optimise quality of life at work and make a positive impact.

Diversity & inclusion

We are committed to building an inclusive working environment that is representative of our users.

We have joined the Tech Your Place movement, enabling us to improve our practices and raise awareness among our teams.


As a signatory of the Parental Act, we have chosen to maintain salaries during maternity/paternity leave. All employees can take advantage of this benefit, no matter their tenure at Brigad.

We also offer 4 additional days of leave in the month following the return from maternity/paternity leave, to enable employees to ease back into work in the best possible conditions.

Share & Care

We give our employees the opportunity to spend a day as a Brigad Talent user and to take part in volunteering missions with charities (Refugee's Food, Un Océan de Vie, etc.).

A great opportunity to support a cause at the end of the year, while also improving the experience of our users.


With the support of Carbo, we’ve put together an action plan to reduce our carbon emissions by 27% by 2025.

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At Brigad, we understand the impact of a successful induction.

The first two days in the company are dedicated to:

  • Meeting the co-founders and learning about Brigad's history and business model
  • Understanding the different teams and tools we use

Your direct team then takes over the following days and weeks to help you learn all about Brigad, its ecosystem and your role.

Career Development

We have created 'Career Ladders' for our teams to better define and illustrate the different levels and stages of career progression within the organisation.

These Career Ladders help to both clarify skills, responsibilities, expectations, and career development opportunities, and, above all, to ensure fairness within the same team.

We also offer English and French language courses and other in-depth training programmes, depending on the team.

Compensation & Equity

We make sure that for equivalent work and skills, the remuneration is the same. As with our Career Ladder, we have developed our internal pay grid to ensure fairness between employees.

We grant Equity (BSPCEs) to all our employees, because Brigad's success is their success too.

Working environment

We are an "office first" company, with a flexible working environment.

We believe that collaboration comes from the bonds we create by spending time together in the office.

Everyone can work remotely on an ad-hoc basis, and for employees whose parents/grandparents live in another country, we offer them a full week of remote work to spend more time with them each year.

Other benefits

In addition to the legal advantages, we have chosen to:

  • Protect our employees against the hazards of life by funding their long term disability insurance at 100%.
  • Set up a responsible in-house catering service in collaboration with Fenouil, which offers fresh, seasonal produce to all Brigad employees, thereby limiting plastic waste.
  • Providing access to the best sports classes at preferential rates via Gymlib.

Please note: These benefits are only available in France at the moment

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The values driving our growth

Our four core values enable us to meet the challenges ahead, while maintaining a strong company culture.


“Courage is the middle ground between fear and audacity.” - Aristotle. Every aspect of our thinking revolves around being brave. Our decisions are driven by the desire to innovate and improve the lives of our community.


Looking out for others and making sure we do things the right way. We take care of each other and everyone around us.


At Brigad, we like to see the results of our actions. Everything we do must have a real, visible and positive impact for all of our employees and users.


A smile makes everything much simpler and more beautiful! We love working together and make work as pleasant as possible. Celebrating every success, no matter how big or small.

Life at Brigad

Annual Offsite

Every year, we spend a few days together outside Paris to reflect on the past year and all the exciting challenges ahead.

Summer season kickoff

As a group, we go out into the streets of Paris or London to connect with restaurant owners. It's a great opportunity to better understand trends, talk about Brigad, and get feedback from our users.


Every month, we organise a get-together in our offices around a special event or theme such as Christmas, sport, the environment, etc.

Team events

Each manager has a quarterly budget to spend on team bonding activities and to celebrate successes throughout the year. We also celebrate employees’ Brig’anniversaries every quarter.

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