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Brigad is used by large groups and independent businesses in every sector of the hospitality industry.

Connect with thousands of highly qualified, self-employed hospitality professionals

In just a few clicks, connect with the best freelancers to reinforce your team. Embrace technology and leave agencies behind.

Boost your team with the best freelancers

Everything to support your core team in one app

Brigad facilitates seamless connections between businesses and qualified talents who are vetted, reliable, and driven professionals.

Post a mission in 3 minutes

No middlemen, no waiting

80% of missions are accepted in 24 hours. Connect directly with the talent who accepts you mission. No extra interviews required.

Only pay for completed missions

No commitments, no upfront payments

You'll only be invoiced for the amount you see before submitting the mission—no hidden costs, no additional fees.

The app

The all-in-one app to manage short-term work cover

Brigad connects people and passions. Create a mission, add the details to find out the cost, and post—that's it!

Post & match

Once you set up a mission, it's sent to talents with the relevant skills in your area.

When a talent accepts, you'll be notified and can then connect with them directly.

All talents undergo a strict vetting process to ensure the best match.

Automation & analytics

Handling contractor invoicing can be a challenge for accountants.

Brigad simplifies all the administrative tasks: payments are automated and past mission details and invoices can be easily accessed and downloaded.

Add to favourites

All the talents on Brigad are highly skilled, but sometimes a mission exceeds expectations.

Create a list of your favourite talents to prioritise them for future missions.

How does Brigad work for businesses?

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Post your mission in just a few clicks. Select the roles you need filled and instantly see the estimated cost.
Share your missions and let the algorithm run! Oh, administrative tasks are also automated and you'll only pay for completed missions.
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Leave the middlemen, keep the promises

Brigad establishes a direct and secure contract between yourself and the freelancers.
Our Legal Panel feature makes exporting documents easy.
Financial flows are managed by our trusted service provider, Stripe.
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Étude de cas

How does Brigad work for businesses?

Serenest fait le choix de s’adapter à des rythmes de travail plus flexibles sans pour autant renoncer à la qualité des professionnels qu’elle intègre à ses équipes.

Grâce à Brigad et ses utilisateurs indépendants aux compétences vérifiées, Serenest parvient à trouver l’équilibre idéal entre flexibilité et qualité des profils.

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“Nous travaillons avec une agence d’intérim mais, bien que réactive, le personnel reste moins performant que ceux inscrits sur Brigad.”

— Ludiwine Beaugez, Serenest


Short-term needs can also have long-term guarantees

Find the support you need every time

Every talent on Brigad has undergone a strict vetting process by our team, so you can expect the best of the best!

Benefit from round-the-clock assistance

Stay covered by our partners

We protect you and your business with our compliance framework (contracts, liability insurances, payments).

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