Our mission: make work attractive and accessible to all

"Keeping up with the last ten years’ fast-paced innovations in rethinking and inventing the “future of work” is a challenge, but most of the innovation in this space seems to only take into account a certain category of people: those that work in what society sees as the most valuable industries, which are considered to be more “intellectual” and generally require more qualifications.

However, while these workers are, of course, essential, they only make up a tiny fraction of Europe’s 300 million workers. When you add the long hours, difficult shift patterns, low pay, and limited opportunities for advancement increasingly forcing passionate workers to desert vocational industries, you get an explosive cocktail. The combination of all these things is what is pushing us towards an unprecedented social divide, towards a challenge that, together, we can choose to accept. Just like we have been doing, every day, since 2015. 

At that time, we realised that new technologies could really help masses of people take back control of their careers. So, how could we not accept the challenge? Our ambition, strong values (brave, impact, care, and enjoy), and heartfelt mission – to make work attractive and accessible to all – come together to tackle this challenge head-on.

This mission has been guiding us ever since to create a community; an environment in which talents from under-appreciated industries such as hospitality and health and social care can once again live from their passion with pride. It is also the mission that has gained the trust of over 15,000 workers, who now allow Brigad to accompany them in this.

This is why it was so important for us to set this ambition in stone, so, in 2020, we decided to include this commitment in the company’s statutes. This mission has, of course, driven us since day one, but now it is written for all to see and, most importantly, it is measurable. 

2022 was a year of strong growth for Brigad. It gave us precise and representative results about how the tool that we built is being used. With 200,000 missions carried out in 12 months in France and the UK, Brigad’s solution has become a key part of the landscape of the future of work.

This first mission report is another brick laid along the pathway of our ambition; it is a desire to bring to fruition everything we work for every day, to make it visible and measurable. Much like a compass, it should help us to never lose sight of our direction and to continue developing a sustainable and responsible solution that is at the service of our users."

Florent Malbranche, Cofounder and CEO of Brigad

Jean Lebrument, Cofounder and CPO of Brigad

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