Service fees —
everything you need to know

Find all the information related to our service fees here.

What are service fees?

For access to the app and its related services, Brigad charges talents and business service fees.

In exchange for the app and its related services, Brigad charges service fees to talents and businesses. They’re calculated as a percentage of the total cost of a mission.

Support available every day

Our team is on hand 7 days a week to help you with navigating the Brigad app

Automated contracts and invoicing

All your admin, including contracts, invoices, payments and legal documents, is taken care of for you.

Quality protection in case of incident

All talents have public liability insurance with Collective Benefits for missions accepted through Brigad.

An app that exceeds expectations

We’re constantly upgrading the Brigad app and bringing new features in order to continually give you the best experience.

Easily access paperwork

Documents like contracts and invoices can easily be found and downloaded from the app.


How do the service fees work?

Both talents and businesses are charged with service fees

  • Every mission will incur a 10% service fee
  • Brigad invoices the talent for their share of the service fees.

Invoicing and payment are all automated, so you won’t need to make any calculations. Simply post your mission and Brigad takes care of the rest.


Understanding invoices on Brigad

For each mission you’ll receive 2 invoices :

The talent’s invoice
The invoice for the mission
Brigad’s invoice
The invoice for Brigad’s service fees

Depending on your payment settings, you’ll receive the service fees invoice after each mission or monthly.