Our partners protect you against unexpected events

Being self-employed offers great freedom, but also requires more responsibility in navigating one’s career path. It’s essential to anticipate the hard knocks that an accident at work or health problems can cause.

At Brigad, our mission is to make work attractive and accessible to all.

That's why we're committed to doing everything we can to help you work with peace of mind.
So, we’ve set up two major partnerships to help protect you:

Public Liability Insurance with ONSI

Cover against accidental damage caused to a third party property, or any accidental injuries caused to another person, whilst working through Brigad.

Brigad has teamed up with ONSI to provide you with public liability insurance, paid for by us and covering you for up to £5 million.

What is public liability insurance?

This insurance is designed to cover you against any accidental damage you cause to third-party property, or any accidental injuries you cause to another person, while you’re out working through Brigad.

What's covered?

  • Compensation for accidental injuries to another person you cause while working through Brigad
  • Compensation for accidental damage to another person’s property you cause while working through Brigad
  • Costs for legal defence if you damage another person or property while working through Brigad

Please check your policy for full details on what amount you’re covered for, and what excess you’ll have to pay if you claim.

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Make a claim

Log in to your ONSI account to explore your insurance at any time.

If you need to use your insurance, you’ll be able to make a claim within minutes. There aren’t any long forms or tricky demands – just a few quick questions!

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The Revenue Protection Program with Indeez / AIG

In order to cover Total Temporary Disability, Brigad has built an insurance policy with Indeez and AIG that has been specially designed for you, the Revenue Protection Program.

It is not uncommon to be forced into sick leave due to an accident or illness. For self-employed professionals, this usually leads to a loss of activity and therefore of income.

In order to minimise the consequences of these interruptions in activity, the Revenue Protection Program allows you (under certain conditions) to be compensated for 70% of your average income over the last three months for 45 days.

Eligibility conditions

  • Have a verified profile on the Brigad platform for more than 3 months (90 days).
  • Have invoiced clients through Brigad for at least 120 hours over the last 3 months
  • Present proof of sick leave duly notified by a doctor.
  • Make the claim within a maximum of 45 days.

Main cover

The insurance built with AIG provides for:

  • A daily indemnity in case of temporary total disablement for work following a covered accident or sickness which occurs at any time between the date on which the talent receives confirmation of his or her enrollment in the insurance program and the termination date of GCU in accordance with article 11;
  • A lump sum in case of death or permanent total disablement resulting from an accident which occurs during the performance of a Mission.

This cover has limits and exclusions. You can download the insurance notice and the Insurance Product Information Document which will give you all the necessary information on the scope of the cover, the compensation limits, the conditions and the applicable exclusions.

Make a claim

Temporary Disability (claim submitted via the Indeez portal)

  1. Go to the Brigad Income Protection Insurance portal and complete the claim form as accurately as possible
  2. Upload all relevant documents to support the claim
  3. Submit claim

Permanent Disability & Death (claim submitted directly to AIG)

The talent may contact Indeez support via the Brigad claims portal for information relating to the cover, how to make a claim and how to nominate a beneficiary in case of accidental death.

The talent, or the person claiming on their behalf, may contact AIG directly at declarations.pa@aig.com to submit a claim. AIG will collect all information and documents as necessary.

These two insurance policies “embedded” on the Brigad platform only cover you in certain cases and with important limitations. We strongly recommend that talents find out about and take out appropriate individual insurance policies, including a full health and provident insurance, if they so wish.