Upskill for Career Progression as a self-employed professional

In a recent survey conducted by Brigad among the community of Talents using the platform, we found that almost 50% of self-employed professionals want to receive more feedback to help develop their skills and, therefore, work more shifts.

There are now plenty of solutions and concrete ways for self-employed professionals to develop their careers and increase their skills.

Career progression as a self-employed professional

Having visibility on career progression & getting qualitative feedback from clients are the most important things that stood out when we asked Talents how to help them to grow.

Why? You have flexibility and control over your finances and you are your own boss. Getting feedback on your work to improve is vital to work more and therefore, more income.

Career progression is key for people who decide to become self-employed. We talk a lot about how employees have regular performance reviews and the frequent opportunity to improve and progress in their career. Therefore, Talents, who are their own boss, deserve to also have the tools to progress & get constructive and critical feedback on their performance.

Upskill as a self-employed professional: concrete advice for your career progression

Advice for Talents on their shifts

  • Adaptability: e.g. arrive in advance, respond to feedback, ask questions, identify the person in charge.
  • Show off your skills and your level of motivation: from kitchen porter to commis, don’t hesitate to show off your skills if you feel comfortable, ask the person in charge if you can help around more.
  • Be curious & ask for feedback: one of the main pieces of advice freelancers would give is don’t hesitate to ask for feedback at the end or during a shift. Feedback gives you an opportunity to spot what skills you need to focus on and where your strengths lie.

On top of recognising where you can improve, asking for feedback from clients also increases your chances of being whitelisted by businesses. It demonstrates your ethic and your desire to progress and, if they whitelist you, you’ll get more shifts.

  • Adding new skills to your profile: get in touch with us if you feel think you can add more job roles to your Brigad profile.

What clients expect from freelancers

Hassan, managing director at Village Paddington explains what he expects from freelancers for a first shift.

What are the most important qualities you pay attention to when a freelancer comes to your establishment? Hassan gives a clear & impactful answer in this short video:

Online training

Having access to appropriate training at the right time, is key to career progression as a self-employed professional because learning new skills, or attending workshops will lead to more shifts.

This is why our focus is on offering online training to the community of Talents & helping them get more shifts on the platform.

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