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Brigad is the best online tool allowing self-employed professionals and hospitality and care establishments to be put in touch for temporary assignments.


Sous Chef, on a mission at Cordial

Brigad has been a mission-driven company since 2020

We exist so everyone can have the opportunity to pursue their passion while being respected, valued, free and independent.

Most importantly, we give talents the opportunity to find balance in their lives by choosing their missions and arranging their work according to their personal schedule and professional objectives.

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Our perspective

Freedom enables talent
to shine

It’s in our DNA to ensure that each professional in the Hospitality and Care industry can carry out their career being not only valued and respected, but most importantly independent and free.

Brigad offers an online tool and community, uniting those who work enthusiastically to make society more caring and human.

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A community of 15,000 talents are all individual stories to discover.

Read the stories of talents who use Brigad to find work and new clients, expand their network and grow in their careers.

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The community brings together dozens of professions and skillsets
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Self-employed nurses

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Take control of your career

Find new work & clients, control your own schedule and be free to work where you want. Brigad's platform accelerates your career and develops your network. Every day you'll receive dozens of personalised mission proposals sent to your smartphone:

independently choose your missions from more than 10,000 businesses

a simple and secure service: you are paid within 7 days

→ support available 7 days a week to answer your questions.

Receive and accept missions

Strengthen your workforce in one click

We're aware that time is precious. That's why we've developed a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool.

Everything is automated to save you as much time as possible and offer you a quality experience at every step. Qualified talents, with profiles verified by our teams of experts, will receive your missions in a customised and individualised way.

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Good practices

UK Government creates new bill to ensure all tips go to staff

In a move backed by UKHospitality, the government has introduced a new law that will mean all tips should now be going to hospitality workers and not the businesses they work for. This new law hopes to make tip sharing easier, however, many workers would suggest that rather than changing tipping laws, the UK should work to provide more significant aid to the hospitality industry and its workers. You can read the government's official legislature on the new tipping bill here.

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Ingredient substitutes to keep costs low

Costs are continuing to soar in the UK as the cost of living crisis continues on well into the summer, with no sign of additional help or schemes coming from the government. We at Brigad have put together a helpful guide to help you save money and substitute cheaper ingredients to keep costs down so that you can have more fun in the kitchen.

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Is there a future for Birmingham's Balti Triangle?

Discover the future of Birmingham's iconic Balti Triangle and explore the challenges, triumphs, and untold stories shaping the city's culinary landscape. Dive into the revitalization efforts, changing tastes, and cultural heritage in this must-read article.

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Birmingham's Best Street Food

To celebrate Birmingham’s thriving food scene, Brigad has picked out a few choice recommendations, for your next visit to the city, or even for Birmingham locals to consider the next time they are eating out.

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Brigad's commitment to bringing value to work

Brigad offers everyone the opportunity to pursue their passion while being valued, cared for and, above all, free.

In 2020, Brigad adopted the status of a ‘mission-driven’ company with the goal of ‘making work attractive and accessible to all’. We have just published our first mission report.

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