How Does Brigad Help Hospitality Businesses Keep Costs Down?

In the hospitality industry, managing staffing costs while maintaining high standards of service is a challenge. Our industry has been understaffed for years now. Recruiting promising candidates, as well as onboarding and training them to a high standard, is not only costly but can also be time-consuming and tiring for current staff. And yet, businesses need experienced skilled workers and a full team to keep on top of quality control.  

For businesses seeking skilled and experienced hospitality workers, the traditional route has often been to go through recruitment and temp agencies. Brigad was created as an affordable and time-saving alternative that helps you keep costs down, without compromising on quality.

Access a pre-vetted community of skilled professionals

Brigad saves businesses the cost of advertising their vacant shifts, as well as the time and effort involved in pre-screening workers. Before a freelancer obtains access to opportunities on Brigad, they must undergo a thorough vetting process with our team. We check each talent’s identification, Right to Work status, UTR, diplomas and certifications (e.g. safety and hygiene), and past experience. The result is that only 13% of talents who register for Brigad are invited to create a profile on our platform and gain access to missions.

Since every talent in our community has already been pre-vetted, businesses do not need to worry about the time, bother, and costs of sorting through numerous CVs and conducting interviews with potential candidates - not all of whom will have the right qualifications or skills.

A lower fee with Brigad’s service charge

Brigad operates on a different model than other staffing solutions as it cuts out the middleman. Our matching algorithm is a tech-driven solution that connects professionals with shifts, rather than manually sourcing and assigning shifts. Once a business posts their mission on Brigad, our matching algorithm takes into account certain criteria, including availability, proximity, and experience, and sends it only the most relevant profiles for your business and needs.

Whilst we do have a 10% service charge for business users, this charge is for the maintenance and use of Brigad’s platform, rather than for the time and effort taken to fill shifts. For Brigad user, Iain Ball, Senior Operations Manager at Thomas Franks, this has enabled him to reduce his temporary staffing bill by 40%.

In a nutshell, by cutting out the need for an individual to manually find and connect people with assignments, Brigad gives businesses the freedom to quickly and directly find skilled workers via a cost-effective method.

Low minimum length of shifts

Another cost-saving aspect of Brigad is the flexibility in minimum shift hours. The minimum shift duration on Brigad is 4 hours. The option of shorter shifts allows businesses flexibility to manage their staffing needs and budget, avoiding unnecessary expenses for hours that may not be required.

No temp to permanent fees

As Brigad is a connection platform, we do not assign shifts with workers that are employed by us. Instead, our matching algorithm connects hospitality businesses with self-employed freelancers to fill their empty shifts. The freelancers who use Brigad to find work choose to do so because they prefer the flexibility and autonomy of self-employment that Brigad facilitates. As such, if a talent chooses to accept a permanent position from a business who they previously connected with through Brigad, they can do so without any financial penalties to the business.


By offering a different model, Brigad provides a cost-effective solution for businesses to source skilled and experienced workers. Our app not only reduces costs, but also speeds up the hiring process, ensuring your businesses can meet your staffing needs promptly without facing costly agency fees.

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