Skills for Success in the Hospitality Industry

Skills for Success -  What kind of training do we need more of in the hospitality industry?

After the best part of 30 years in Hospitality I can honestly say that most days are a school day, training is something that never ceases. It's one of the greatest qualities of Hospitality, like fashion, each year there is a change in style, orange is the new black, until it's replaced by something entirely different. Here are our top tips for Skills for Success in the Hospitality industry.

So to that end what kind of training do we need more of in Hospitality?

Here are my rather subjective views, of what Hospitality training lacks, and some easy wins that could make a difference to your business in terms of staff retention and customer satisfaction.

Leadership training

Without doubt, one of our biggest demands in the last 24 months have been to train and mentor business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers. Teaching them how to engage with their team, how to get the best out of a group of individuals. Gone are the days where even the most elite restaurant groups can pick and choose their employees. The idea of investing in and retaining the management and the workers is a sound one.

Team Building

Creating a team of staff, be it kitchen, front of house or bar. For a long time it has not been enough to just pay people to turn up. It is essential to give them a why. Especially to make that point of difference between your establishment and the 20 or so others that are also recruiting for the same post. Train your managers to build a team and train your team to work for each other.

The Ability to Learn

Some might say this is a dying art. But I would disagree. As a commis chef I was expected to carry a notebook and pen around to write down my own recipes. To listen to my senior chefs but asking questions was an annoyance, so It was only later in my career that I really learned my trade. Taking ownership of your career and making sure that you learn as much as you can, will keep you interested and progressing.

Product Knowledge

Seems an obvious and continuous one, creating a learning environment where your staff are encouraged to learn not only the products but the process behind them. Be it a complex wine list or a mono-product Basque cheesecake. Being able to talk informatively and enthusiastically about your concept generates a culture of learning, upskilling, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Embracing tech, platforms and systems

I can't tell you how many establishments sign up to tech that they don’t fully integrate or use to the best of their capability. And as many tech firms are global with only online support, many systems are never fully utilised.

Embracing change

I think this is true of all industries, Hospitality is not immune to change and whilst some places are bastions to a bygone era. Many need to change with the times, customer demands, costs of goods, wage demands and such like. A successful business adapts with the climate.

In Summary

Hospitality needs to create a learning space for its workforce, constant improvement investment in people and upskilling will absolutely yield results. It's all about people at the end of the day.

Written in partnership with Lumiere Consultancy

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