May's news - Hospitality - 2023

Brigad is here to help you with the daily issues you face as a Hospitality business. From now on, you can find out the advice of the month, news from Brigad and industry updates.

How new tipping legislation will affect your business

The new tipping legislation will no doubt have an impact on both operators and customers. Hopefully answering any questions you might have, The Caterer covers what this new legislation will mean for businesses.

Fast, fresh talent: 7 tips for sourcing hospitality talent at the last minute

Florent Malbranche, CEO of Brigad, shares 7 tips on how to plan ahead for any holes in your rota, and how to make sure that you can access the best staff as quickly as possible.

The Restaurant of the Future: eight predictions for the kitchen

Big Hospitality have identified 8 major trends that will significantly impact how restaurant kitchens evolve in the coming years.

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