March's news - Hospitality - 2023

Brigad is here to help you with the daily issues you face as a Hospitality business. From now on, you can find out the advice of the month, news from Brigad and industry updates. To start Spring, discover the main food and beverage trends, top priorities for hotel and restaurant hiring tips.

20 F&B Trends to Know for 2023

Few segments of the hospitality industry change as quickly as the food-and-beverage side of the bushiness. Here are some emerging trends to know, from best practices to popular ingredients.

Why Investing in Hospitality Tech Should be a Top Priority for All Hotels?

Over the past decade, there have been significant strides in personal and commercial technologies, especially in mobile technology. During that time, the hospitality industry has grown and evolved to deliver improved and more efficient services to guests – all powered by technology. The industry has also seen various trends come and go. How can hoteliers and hotel brands determine which areas to prioritize ? What’s a passing trend, and what is a lasting investment that will provide real ROI over the long term?

Top Restaurant Hiring Tips

Ask any restaurant owner for their main pain point and their likely response will be: staffing. Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked what is the best advice on practices for hiring and retention. What do you see as key challenges of restaurant hiring right now? What are the biggest pain points and have they changed due to the pandemic?

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