How better organisation can help us live in the moment

The famous saying no two days are the same rings true for hospitality and healthcare workers. Restaurants and hospitals are alike in that they are both fast-paced and unpredictable environments where at any moment a flood of people might rush through the door. There are many days when we feel as if we are being run off of our feet - we’re working one minute and then, we’re home and getting into bed the next. We end up asking ourselves, where did the day go?

Hectic days like these will soon make even the most experienced in the industry feel burnt-out and jaded about their careers. To keep our spirits up about the jobs we love so much, it is essential to take steps to try and make even the most unpredictable days more manageable. With a better hold on the day, we can stop feeling like our shifts are passing us by and practise living in the moment. Being ‘present’ not only makes us happier but can help reduce stress whilst giving us time to process negative emotions. So, what can we do to start living in the moment?

How to live in the moment: organise, plan, schedule

Believe it or not, taking the time to better organise may be the key to being more present in our work lives. Mapping our time at work and at home gives us a greater perspective of our days and helps us keep track of time.

For businesses to succeed, organisation skills are a must - great planning will bring about a great team, a thorough schedule enables workers to focus on the job at hand, rather than worrying about the next job, and the next, and the next. It cannot be understated how helpful it is for staff to be able to visualise the working day - simply by seeing the day well organised in a schedule will enable staff to have a better grip on their shift, and then be more present at work. Staff who are more present will feel less stressed, more relaxed and happier in the workplace, and what’s more important than the well-being of our staff?

Of course, Brigad understands that a part of what makes the hospitality and healthcare industries unique is the unpredictability of the working day - some things will never fit into a schedule - not the rush of people through the door, nor the missing delivery. Nevertheless, by organising the regular beats of the working day, you will be able to make these unpredictable moments more manageable, and less stressful.

A calendar is the most basic but also most necessary of any organisation tool. Today it is easier than ever to keep up to date with a range of free calendars pre-installed on most devices - however, we believe that the best calendars are those that can be collaborative. Google Calender is free and easy to use, as well as having the ability to connect with other calendars, be it work or home - you can schedule work calls and even reminders to call mum!

Organising your home-life

Scheduling does not only benefit the working day. Overworked staff often struggle to ‘switch off’ when they leave work, and no one blurs the boundaries of work and home like freelancers do. Organising our day may involve prioritising time outside of work - whether it be writing shopping lists or scheduling family birthday parties - once you are in control of your day, you will start to feel more present and free to live in the moment.

"Trello" is an app that works equally well for solo planning as it does for team planning. All of its organisation tools can be collaborative, making it great for quick communication in the workplace, and even among family members in your home life. Setting goals and ticking off to-do lists is a great way to feel more productive. Whether it be achieving the goal of filling in invoices for work or walking the dog at home, these apps will log these achievements and keep a record of your productivity in the day. No longer will you ask: where did the day go? You can take a look at the app and you will be able to see all of the marvellous things you’ve achieved.

Time management to help you live in the moment

"Focus" is a great app that will help you better manage your time by splitting your day into chunks of 25 minutes, incorporating regular breaks (we all need to recharge!) This app is especially great for freelancers who need to add more structure to their day. However, it’s equally good for use after work when we want to prioritise time spent with family, alone, or even to make sure we’re keeping on top of jobs around the house.

The versatility of Brigad enables you to only be offered shifts when you say you are available. Cutting out the irrelevant work, and providing an efficient way to find missions that suit you!

Many of us need to learn to switch off from work - it is too easy nowadays to come home, get on our phone and start replying to work emails. Freedom can help us keep off of our phones. You can set yourself time limitations on specific apps and websites, and give yourself prompts to put the phone down and spend time with family and friends, or to start activities that will make you feel more present like going out for a run. Part of being present sometimes means stepping away from work and prioritising our home lives. Apps like Freedom can give you the push to do that, to ground you and let you start living in the moment.  

Plan now to be present later

Whilst scheduling may sound like an added stress to our already hectic days, taking the time to organise ourselves can save time later, and, most importantly, help us keep a hold on the day. Start planning now to be present later, and let yourself live in the moment.

Using Brigad to find work removes the stress of looking for work in the future, as the work comes to you! Simply accept the missions that suit your schedule, and use your free time to enjoy time with your family, or pick up a new hobby. If you're looking to fill vacancies in your rota, offer a mission in minutes by logging on and using our quick and easy application on your phone or computer.

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