Hotel, catering, healthcare services: why choose Talents?

The health crisis has highlighted the fact that managing staff isn’t always easy. While calling on freelancers is commonplace in certain industries, this practice isn’t common in the hotel and catering industry but it is even less common in healthcare. Lack of personnel and keeping staff in unregulated companies can prove to be a real headache. Seeking support from Talents is a new way of working that is becoming increasingly popular among business leaders.

Hotel, catering, and healthcare services: it’s possible to work with Talents!

Both industries are very different, but they also have a lot in common: caregivers, in-home service workers, cooks, waiters, head waiters. As essential and exciting as they all might seem, it’s not all fun and games. Ever-changing hours, emergencies, work overload, and emotional stress are all part of a team’s daily routine. When reinforcing or replacing team members, staff is essential for the company to run smoothly, therefore, calling on freelancers can bring great peace of mind!

Strengthen your workforce with freelancers

Indeed, there are many situations where it’s important to reinforce or replace a team with qualified personnel: loss of activity, a leave of absence, or a last-minute departure. However, searching and recruiting candidates takes time and doesn’t always lead to quick solutions. This is where freelancers come in: immediately available, flexible, autonomous, and experts in their fields, freelancers are the best allies for your business.

Take the pressure off your team with the help of freelancers

Being able to call on freelancers during peaks of activity is highly valuable. Teams often have too much work and do not know where to turn. It’s during these intense periods that they need support, even on an ad hoc basis. The presence of non-permanent staff helps to spread and balance the workload, which is also essential to maintain energy and motivation.

With freelancers, you choose collaboration and quality

A freelancer is also an entrepreneur because his reputation determines his success. And freelancers are well aware of this! So, there’s no point in disappointing their clients. It’s a question of building loyalty through collaboration and understanding. Calling on freelancers means working together with an involved and committed collaborator. It means moving forward with peace of mind.

Qualified personnel and high-quality service guaranteed

In the hotel, catering, and healthcare industries, jobs can’t be improvised. These are real skills. It’s therefore essential to have qualified, competent and expert personnel at your disposal. If freelancers go it alone and decide to set up their own business, it’s because they feel capable of doing so. And for good reason, they do their job by choice, are trained for it, and know it inside out.

Efficient and reliability

Free, yes! But also very attached to their reputation. And trust me they look after it! For this reason, entrepreneurs and freelancers make a point to remain competitive and satisfy their clients. Always at the forefront of their field and very attentive, they can meet the specific needs of each company they work with. In this respect, calling on freelancers ensures efficiency and reliability.

Responsible and independent support guaranteed

All entrepreneurs manage their businesses by themselves. There is no need for extra support or training. On the contrary, they are perfectly autonomous. In the dining room or the kitchen, in a hospital, nursing home, or clinic, your team can count on freelancers. They are always on time and can start the job asap. This is reassuring for teams with long and relentless days.

Choose professionalism

Some situations are quite particular and sometimes even unexpected. Therefore, professionals in the hotel, catering, and healthcare industries must be able to make decisions. As the sole manager of their business, freelancers must make choices and take initiative every day. In this sense, they can make crucial decisions and carry themselves professionally when faced with various situations and issues.

Freelancers offer tailor made services

If we were to describe the work of freelancers in a few words, we would say that they offer an “à la carte service”. Finding the right staff for your needs becomes as easy as child’s play. Availability, adaptability, flexibility, and reactivity are all qualities from which companies can benefit and truly create a tailor-made team. The company that decides to call on freelancers has complete peace of mind.

Adaptability and flexibility

Freelancers carry out ever-changing assignments, self-employed workers are faced with change and have to adapt quickly. In the world of healthcare or the hotel and catering industry, no two establishments are alike. The company culture, needs, and the environment in which they evolve are never the same. Calling on freelancers means you have a flexible workforce that can adapt to all circumstances.

Availability and reactivity

In the catering and hotel industry, as in the healthcare industry, specific department needs, and workloads are often uneven and can change overnight. Recruitment is time-consuming and time is sometimes sorely lacking. Calling on freelancers means you have on-demand staff, regardless of schedules.

One-off missions with no commitment

Catering, hotel, and healthcare industries regularly face intense peaks of work. Hiring a full-time employee during these periods is unnecessary. On the other hand, the self-employed worker is accustomed to one-off assignments, both short and long-term. This is their way of working. For establishments with a shortage of staff, calling on freelancers means they benefit from non-permanent staff with no commitment to time.

Working with freelancers: a breath of fresh air

Outside the company, freelancers are not subject to the difficulties and stresses that employees may face. But don’t be fooled: outsider doesn’t mean stranger. On the contrary, a freelancer fits in perfectly. His autonomy and independence become a real breath of fresh air for the teams they back up!

Unparalleled dynamics

Freelancers are independent of the environment in which they work. That’s why entrepreneurs or freelancers have so much energy and motivation. Because they feel fulfilled in a profession that they have chosen and manage themselves, they are also passionate and committed. The companies that decide to call on freelancers will benefit from new energy but also great dynamics.

A new vision

A freelancer brings a fresh perspective, a different way of seeing and doing things. They contribute to the company culture and provide a fresh vision by creating new dynamics within his team. This is an asset in industries such as the hotel, catering, and also healthcare industries, where hazards and peaks of activity are part of daily life and often make it impossible to take a step back.

A relationship of trust

To work with complete peace of mind, one must work confidently. Those that choose to call on freelancers, won’t have to worry about unexpected events. You know in advance if the freelancer can carry him/herself professionally and their skills have already been proven. You know who you are dealing with. Moreover, the working relationship is without intermediaries. A true relationship of trust is built.

Enhances the value of demanding jobs with freelancers

Calling on freelancers is a way of enhancing the value of jobs that are as exciting as they are physically and morally demanding. Entrepreneurs and freelancers are recognized and appreciated for their skills and know-how, energy, and their seriousness. They reflect the image of both the job they do and the company that benefits from their help. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation and twice as valuable.

Working with freelancers also means…

…. simplified procedures and competitive prices. It’s more common to use employees, even on an ad hoc basis. However, those who have experience in searching, recruiting, and choosing the ideal candidate, know it’s a full-time job. Unfortunately, time is often short, and the choice is often made simply because there isn’t anything better. Hiring is also relatively expensive and it’s not always necessary. All these inconveniences can slow down the process of bringing on paid staff.

Administrative simplicity

No one can deny that when it comes to recruiting staff, the administrative part is often long and tedious. In this situation, using freelancers is a real timesaver. No recruitment, no interview, or declaration, the freelancer can start the mission as soon as the need arises. There’s no salary slip to draw up either, a simple invoice to be paid at the end of the mission and that’s it.

Competitive prices

The freelancer provides high-quality service and means no more heavy financial fees. A service provider is not hiring, only the provided service is paid for. It’s the company that decides whether or not to call on freelancers. Therefore, it’s free to do so for a specific period, to meet precise needs. In off-peak periods, there will be no fee to pay. In addition, social security contributions are paid by the service provider, not by the company. These are all good reasons to take on freelancers, right?

Where can I find freelancers in the hotel, catering, and healthcare industries?

In addition to word of mouth, digital technology means we can now strengthen our teams quickly and effortlessly. Social networks and certain platforms, such as Brigade, make it possible to connect businesses with freelancers. Thousands of experts adapted to a wide variety of needs, available immediately and that can provide a tailor-made service for the greater comfort of companies in need.

Why use a platform to strengthen your teams?

In both the hotel, catering as well as the healthcare industry, time is precious. Using a platform means the best profile is only a few clicks away! All the skills and know-how you need are available on the platform. It’s a community of freelancers selected based on their skills and experience. Qualified experts capable of meeting the requirements and needs of many companies and establishments. True talent!

Brigad, a unique community of on demand talent

Are you looking for qualified staff in the hotel, catering, and healthcare industries? Enter the Brigad universe and find the right staff in just a few clicks. Brigad is a one-stop solution to all your needs: don’t waste your time, candidates are already pre-approved, we take care of all the administrative work and it will only take a few minutes to estimate the cost of service!

So why wait?

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