Brigad changed my life - Ornis Lodi, freelance carer

When we meet the freelances who use Brigad, we realise the impact Brigad has on their lives. And it’s with this knowledge, that we continue to improve the platform to ensure those who take the plunge to begin freelancing, can do so at ease. It takes strength, perseverance and organisation to start your own business - the freedom of a timetable on your terms, and a variety of new experiences and new people, make it all worthwhile. Ornis Lodi has been using Brigad since 2021 to refresh the way she works and regain control over her career as a self-employed carer.

Ornis Lodi, Self-Employed Carer and user of Brigad.

We met Ornis Lodi a few weeks ago and, as a self-employed individual, she was able to make time for us in her schedule to kindly tell us her story. Ornis has worked as an employed carer in full-time work for over 10 years and, in April 2021 she decided to become an independent worker. As a compassionate person, Ornis finds meeting and helping people motivates her, which is why she chose the role of carer.

Trying to maintain family life whilst working the long hours of a carer on a rota can be challenging. Ornis found the heavy pressure of a salaried role physically and mentally exhausting. Chronic understaffing in the industry made the burden too heavy for Ornis, as she no longer enjoyed the necessary time with patients. The health crisis, adding to this already large stack of reasons, pushed her into finding a new way to do her job. Ornis’ discovery of Brigad answered all her questions, and so she began her venture as a self-employed carer.

Self-employment means freedom and choice

‘Extraordinary’ is how Ornis defines Brigad as she is now able to manage her time with her family. She has experienced a new, refreshing and well-needed perspective on her job. “I feel like I am rediscovering my job again! Every morning, I am so happy to get up and go to work”, she tells us with delight. The difficulties of shift work through a staffing crisis meant that she had almost lost the passion for working as a carer, so the discovery for Brigad could not have come at a better time. Now, Ornis has more energy to continue doing the job that she loves.

The way she is paid has helped her too - receiving a weekly income ensures she meets the needs of her family. Earning more is a triumph for Ornis, and she can financially and emotionally provide for her family.

The perfect Work and Life balance

The freedom of working as a freelancer allows Ornis to plan her weeks and ensure she makes space for important family time. The work/life balance she enjoys ensures that neither her passion for her job nor love for her family affects the other. The versatility of being self-employed means she enjoys a variety of places and people she gets to enjoy working with. This is a key source of motivation for Ornis - experiencing new types of work, new patients to meet and dynamic environments for her to learn from. Although she is already very knowledgeable, she has continued to learn new skills.

Creating your own schedule

This venture does require patience and determination, she advises. “Be patient, wait”, to find the perfect missions for you. Being self-employed does require organisation, patience, “a mind of steel”, and good management to work as your own boss. Using Brigad enables you to plan your own schedule, work with new companies, meet new patients and enjoy new experiences. Refresh your career and learn more about yourself through working in new environments with Brigad.

A final word

Ornis took the brave decision to take ownership of her career again by signing up to use Brigad. By becoming freelance, she can choose the career she wants, by deciding where she wants to work. Ornis has been enjoying new patients, rather than returning to the same place of work every day, and this has enabled her to rediscover her craft and learn to enjoy it again. What a pleasure it is to wake up every day, looking forward to your work, and then return home to enjoy your time with your family.

Join Ornis and become the future of work, working your way, on your schedule with Brigad.

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