April's news - Hospitality - 2023

Brigad is here to help you with the daily issues you face as a Hospitality business. From now on, you can find out the advice of the month, news from Brigad and industry updates. From inflation, recession, staff shortages to recession-proof recruitment strategy, here is our selection of the month.

How Restaurants Can Develop a Recession-Proof Recruitment Strategy ?

It's never been harder to hire and retain employees, leaving companies wondering how to attract candidates quickly in such an unstable market. Find out some advice to develop a recession-proof recruitment strategy.

Hospitality roles may be added to the official “shortage occupation list”

The Guardian has reported on the talks between ministers and the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on the opportunity to include hospitality roles on the “shortage occupation list”. Being added to this list may make it easier for businesses to recruit personnel from abroad, which ministers hope will mean that some of the vacant roles in the industry will be finally filled.

Inflation, recession, staff shortages - now's the time to boost restaurant performance and maximise profitability

Owners get into the hospitality business because ultimately they want to provide just that: hospitality. Unfortunately, the realities of running a restaurant mean dealing with a lot of external factors that can’t always be controlled. We want to see operators get back to doing what they love by accessing information they need so they can thrive and not just survive.

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