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Looking for Waiters ? Find qualified Waiters & Waitresses With Brigad

Waiters and Waitresses are essential staff in restaurants, pubs, hotel F&B operations, catering events, venues, and anywhere that serves food and drinks. 

A Waiter or Waitress engaged for a short-term work is generally tasked with

  • Taking Orders and Serving Customers: Freelance waitstaff are at the forefront of guest interactions. They skillfully take orders, serve meals, and provide recommendations, offering attentive and courteous service to ensure that patrons have an enjoyable dining experience.
  • Table Setup and Presentation: Waiters and Waitresses are responsible for setting up tables with precision, arranging cutlery, glassware, and napkins, and ensuring that the table's presentation is impeccable. This attention to detail contributes to the overall ambiance and aesthetics of the dining area.
  • Menu Knowledge: Having an in-depth understanding of the menu offerings, including ingredients, preparation methods, and special requests, is paramount. Freelance waitstaff are expected to answer customer questions and make suggestions confidently.
  • Team Coordination: Collaboration with kitchen and bar staff is crucial to ensure that orders are prepared correctly and delivered promptly. Freelance Waiters/Waitresses work harmoniously with colleagues to ensure the synchronisation of the entire dining process.
  • Billing and Payment Handling: Handling checks, processing payments accurately, and providing change are part of their duties. Ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process contributes to overall customer satisfaction.
  • Maintaining a Welcoming Atmosphere: Keeping the dining area clean and tidy is a shared responsibility. Freelance waitstaff assist in clearing tables, resetting them for the next guests, and maintaining a pleasant and organised environment.

In short-term work, freelance Waiters/Waitresses adapt swiftly to the specific requirements of the dining establishment, providing a high level of service that upholds the venue's reputation for exceptional dining and guest satisfaction.

Traditional methods to hire waiting staff

Hiring a waiter involves identifying individuals who can provide excellent customer service and contribute positively to the dining experience. Traditional methods for hiring waitstaff have been used for years, but they come with specific disadvantages, especially in today's fast-evolving hospitality landscape.

Use of Temp Agencies

Temp agencies offer a pool of pre-vetted candidates available for temporary or permanent positions. They handle the recruitment process, presenting a convenient option for restaurants needing staff quickly.

Limitation: The drawbacks include higher costs associated with agency fees, which can strain the restaurant's budget. There's also a potential mismatch in the restaurant's culture and the temporary staff's commitment levels, as these workers may not feel as integrated into the team as directly hired employees.

Local Newspaper Advertisements

Advertising waiter positions in local newspapers has been a long-standing practice. This method targets local job seekers who are likely to read print media.

Limitation: The primary drawback is the limited reach, largely confined to the newspaper's readership, which has been shrinking due to the rise of digital platforms. Moreover, the demographic that frequently reads newspapers may not align with the typical job-seeking waiter, potentially missing a younger, more dynamic workforce.

Word of Mouth and Employee Referrals

Utilizing word of mouth and employee referrals involves existing staff recommending friends or acquaintances for waiter positions. This method capitalizes on personal networks to find candidates.

Limitation:The cons include a potentially limited and less diverse applicant pool, as referrals are likely to come from within similar social circles. There's also the risk of nepotism, where decisions are influenced more by personal relationships than candidate suitability.

Walk-in Applicants

Encouraging walk-in applications allows candidates to directly approach the restaurant to inquire about job opportunities. This can be an effective way to meet potential hires in person.

Limitation: This method's unpredictability can be a significant drawback. The flow of applicants may not align with the restaurant's hiring needs, and managing walk-ins can disrupt daily operations. Furthermore, it restricts the candidate pool to those who happen to pass by the restaurant.

Posting on the Restaurant’s Window or Noticeboard

Displaying job advertisements on the restaurant's window or a community noticeboard is a straightforward method to alert passersby about open positions.

Limitation: The major con is the extremely limited reach, targeting only those who physically pass by the restaurant. This method may attract candidates who are not actively seeking employment but apply out of convenience, potentially affecting the quality of hires.

Looking for Waiters & Waitresses for your establishment ?

Restaurants, pubs, hotel food & beverage operations, catering events, venues, and any establishment serving food and drinks rely heavily on the presence of Waiters and Waitresses. 

Are you in urgent need of hiring qualified cocktail Waiters/Waitresses for your upcoming event or private party in London or its surrounding areas ? Whether it's for a wedding, a special evening, a catering event (corporate catering event, contract catering..) or to strengthen your restaurant team, finding dependable waiting staff can sometimes be a challenging task.

If you have not had much luck with job boards or the use of temp agencies, and candidates in the hospitality and catering sector are not rushing in, lack motivation, or have not got the experience or skills you are looking for, Brigad is here to provide a solution.

Publish short-term work offers on the Brigad app or website to interested independent freelance Waiters/Waitresses and other hospitality professionals, who are ready to work and able to pick up short-term shifts and fill gaps in your staffing rota. 

With the Brigad business app (available for download via the App Store or Google Play) or website, you can be easily connected with the Waiters/Waitresses your business needs.

What is Brigad ?

Brigad is an app that allows hospitality establishments to easily connect with highly-qualified, self-employed hospitality professionals in London and surrounding areas.

To start with, simply download the Brigad Business app via the App Store or Google Play. Create an account and you can get started. 

Sign-up for free and post a mission corresponding to your needs for a Waiter/Waitress in under 3 minutes. Chances are that your mission will be accepted within a matter of hours by a qualified Waiter/Waitress. 

How to use Brigad when looking for a Waiter/Waitress ?

Restaurant, pub, bar, café, and hotel food & beverage (F&B) managers, owners, or operators looking to hire independent Waiters/Waitresses or other hospitality professionals can easily create a mission using the Brigad app. Simply select the dates and times hours, days needed, the role needed, and add a description that details the requirements and expectations.

Your job offer, also known as a “mission” (the short-term shift for which you need filled), will be sent to only the most relevant, qualified, and fully vetted talents who meet your criteria. Once one of them accepts the mission, you will be notified and put in contact.

The Waiter/Waitress will arrive on the day of the mission ready to work, as they will have received all the necessary information from your mission description to successfully complete the mission.

This means you can be confident in finding the right Waiter/Waitress to fulfil your business's operational needs.

No more wasting time selecting a profile from dozens, or even hundreds of options. Post a new mission on Brigad in less than 3 minutes, then just sit back and let the  algorithm handle the rest. Only the most relevant talents will receive your mission proposition, and the most motivated Waiter/Waitress will be the one to accept it.

Invoices are generated and payments are made automatically, simplifying the process for your business or organisation's finance team. This allows you to focus on running your busy restaurant, pub, bar, café, or hotel food & beverage (F&B) operation.

Need to find a Waiter/Waitress in a hurry? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Post a mission on the Brigad business app in less than 3 minutes. Two thirds of missions are accepted in under 2 hours. Fill your staffing rotas efficiently, even in urgent, time-sensitive situations. Problem solved.

Benefits of working with Brigad when looking for a Waiter/Waitress

Brigad provides a range of benefits for establishments like restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, and hotels, as well as catering venues and events in London, Birmingham, and Manchester, by facilitating connections with skilled Waiters/Waitresses and other hospitality professionals.

A strict vetting process

The hospitality industry is too busy and fast-paced for people who aren’t serious and committed to the work. After a rigorous vetting process by our team of experts, only the most qualified Waiters/Waitresses are offered access to the Brigad platform

As an owner, operator, or manager, you might worry about verifying the paperwork of the Waiter/Waitress who is coming to work for you. However, you don’t need to worry about any of that, as we handle all checks for you.

All profiles on the Brigad platform undergo a strict two-step vetting process, executed by both the app and the Brigad team. This thorough verification ensures you work with only the best independent, self-employed (inside HMRC IR35), or freelance Waiters/Waitresses and other hospitality professionals. 

The backgrounds, IDs, employment history, and training of all Waiters/Waitresses are verified to ensure they are reliable and experts in their field before they’re able to accept any missions on the Brigad app. This way, you can be 100% confident that the person is who they say they are and have a legal right to live and work in the UK.

Important to note
Brigad is proud to boast a 98% show-up rate from talents (out of 100,000 missions posted and accepted since January 2022).

Essential Soft Skills of Waiters and Waitresses in the Brigad Community

  • Communication Skills: Effective verbal communication is crucial for accurately taking orders, explaining menu items, and interacting with customers. Waiters and waitresses must also possess strong listening skills to understand customer needs and respond appropriately.
  • Customer Service Orientation: A genuine passion for providing excellent service, anticipating customer needs, and going above and beyond to ensure a pleasant dining experience is essential. This includes being friendly, accommodating, and patient, even in stressful situations.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: The ability to work well with kitchen staff, management, and other waitstaff is vital. Collaboration and a positive attitude help ensure smooth operation and a cohesive dining experience for customers.
  • Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Waiters and waitresses must be able to think on their feet, handle unexpected situations (such as special dietary requests or customer complaints) gracefully, and find solutions quickly to maintain service quality.

Only work with driven freelance professionals on Brigad

Freelance Waiters/Waitresses and other hospitality professionals represent their own interests and build their own network of customers, which is why they are particularly reliable and motivated. So, you don’t have to worry about last-minute surprises, like a no-show an hour before a busy restaurant opens or a wedding feast needs to be cooked.

Key Feature
Once you start working with talents, you can create a list of your favourites (for any job role), so that you can easily find and work with them again.

A dedicated assistance team

A member of the account management and customer experience will be assigned to you to provide support during your first month on Brigad to make sure that you understand the features and are making the most of the platform. Should any problems arise, our responsive Assistance Team is available seven days a week to ensure that solutions are readily available for any situation that might be encountered.

How much does it cost to hire Waiters/Waitresses ?

All prices are dynamically calculated to consider tension rates, ensuring competitive pricing tailored to your specific requirements. 

The cost is determined by multiplying an hourly rate by the number of hours you need a Waiter/Waitress for. When you create a mission, you'll receive an instant quote

This is the fixed price you pay once a self-employed Waiter/Waitress accepts your mission, so there are no surprise costs or hidden charges.

A dynamic pricing means that costs are competitively calculated for each new mission. 

You have control over the pricing, allowing you to adjust it upwards if needed. This flexibility can enhance the likelihood of your mission being quickly accepted by talented independent hospitality and catering professionals in London and its surrounding areas.