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Taux horaire moyen pour le métier de cloakroom attendant avec Brigad
Average hourly rate for the cloakroom attendant job with Brigad
14£ /heure
14£ /hour
Experience required
Required status
Self-employed / Freelance

Cloakroom Attendant: job description, salary, training

Cloakroom attendants are essential in the hospitality industry, employed in venues such as nightclubs, exclusive restaurants, select hotel restaurants, theatres, operas, and other places where their services are required.

Explore our cloakroom attendant job description for details on salary ranges, training opportunities, and the latest mission offers from Brigad. These attendants offer a crucial service in busy and upscale venues, ensuring that guests can relax and enjoy their time, confident that their coats, bags, shopping, and other belongings are kept safe and secure.

What is a Cloakroom Attendant ?

A cloakroom attendant plays an important role in providing a safe and secure environment for customers’ belongings in nightclubs, exclusive restaurants, some hotel restaurants, theatres, operas, and other venues that need cloakroom attendants. 

Cloakroom attendants are responsible for ensuring customer’s coats, bags, and any other items are labelled and stored correctly. And they may also need to take payments and issue tickets for items stored. 

A cloakroom attendant must be able to deal with customer enquiries and complaints in a polite and professional manner. This is especially important if a customer has lost something, or something is hard to find in a cloakroom, and they should be able to handle any security issues that may arise.

What does a Cloakroom Attendant do ?

A cloakroom attendant looks after customers’ belongings, greets customers, and issues tickets and collects payments for cloakroom services. Cloakroom attendants are also responsible for monitoring the area, ensuring all items are properly stored and returned to the correct owners.

A cloakroom attendant must be friendly and courteous when dealing with customers, and provide excellent customer service, especially during busy periods, such as when guests are arriving and leaving a venue. 

It’s also important to ensure that the cloakroom area is kept clean and tidy, and that any lost items are logged and reported. They must also monitor the security of the cloakroom area at all times.

Who does the Cloakroom Attendant report to ?

The Cloakroom Attendant typically reports to a designated supervisor or manager within the establishment where they work. This supervisor or manager oversees the front-of-house operations, which may include the cloakroom service. The attendant communicates with them regarding any issues, updates on the availability of space, and any lost or found items in the cloakroom

What Qualities Define a Cloakroom Attendant?

Cloakroom attendants are responsible for providing efficient customer service in a busy environment. Handling several customers and their needs simultaneously is a useful quality, alongside good communication skills and the ability to work on their own initiative and as part of a team. 

Cloakroom attendants need to stand for long periods of time and have meticulous organisational skills. They also need to be reliable and punctual, with an attention to detail and record items left in the cloakroom using any apps or software provided.

Why choose the position of Cloakroom Attendant ?

Are you looking for a flexible job that provides great customer service and a variety of tasks? A cloakroom attendant could be the perfect role for you.

Cloakroom attendants work in a variety of settings including nightclubs, bars and restaurants – providing customers with a safe and secure place to store their belongings. Working part-time hours, cloakroom attendants can work around existing commitments and lifestyles.

Working as a cloakroom attendant is a great way to progress in the leisure and hospitality industry and gain some experience that could help you get promoted into more senior managerial positions if you want a long-term career in theatres, clubs, restaurants, bars, or hotels.

What are the working conditions for a Cloakroom Attendant ?

For cloakroom attendants, weekend work and long hours is often required as that’s when clubs, theatres, restaurants, pubs, and hotel F&B operations are usually busiest, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Typical working hours of a Cloakroom Attendant

Cloakroom attendants work in bars, clubs, theatres, shopping centres and other venues, and this means that working hours are usually 4 to 8 hours a day, with potentially longer shifts and some weeknight shifts, depending on the venue. 

Brigad can connect you with missions that better suit your lifestyle and what you want to earn as an independent self-employed cloakroom attendant.

How to become a Cloakroom Attendant ?

Cloakroom attendants provide an essential service to customers in a range of businesses, from clubs to theatres. Their job is to provide a safe and secure environment for customers to store their coats and bags while they are enjoying their time.

It’s an entry-level job and training is provided on the job. After you’ve demonstrated your skills and aptitude for the job and a position becomes available, either in your establishment, somewhere else, or an exciting new cloakroom attendant mission through Brigad.

How to be a good Cloakroom Attendant ?

The best way to demonstrate your skills as a cloakroom attendant that can lead to promotions and higher salaries or self-employed missions through Brigad is to work hard and do your job well every day. Keeping an organised and well-run cloakroom is the best way to do that.

What career progression is possible for a Cloakroom Attendant?

An experienced cloakroom Attendant may be offered the opportunity to move into a more specialised role, such as a security guard or working behind a bar, or in another hospitality or leisure position. With additional training, a cloakroom Attendant can develop their skills and knowledge and move into related roles, such as a concierge or hospitality worker.

Opportunities are endless at this point in your career, and Brigad could open doors that will help you take the next step.

UK cloakroom Attendant salary ranges 

UK cloakroom attendant salaries vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the type of establishment. In London and Birmingham, and more exclusive venues, cloakroom attendants are more likely to find suitable roles and opportunities. 

On average, cloakroom attendants can earn anywhere from £21,000 to £24,000, plus tips, depending on the customers and venue.

What is Brigad ?

Brigad is an app that allows hospitality establishments to easily connect with highly-qualified, self-employed hospitality professionals in London and surrounding areas.

The Latest mission offers for Cloakroom Attendants across London

If you're a Cloakroom Attendant seeking short-term work and flexibility, follow these three simple steps to begin receiving mission proposals:

  1. Register as self-employed Cloakroom Attendant before signing up for Brigad.
  2. Download the app and sign up in minutes; it's free, and there's no commitment required.
  3. Create and personalize your profile to start receiving mission proposals. You're free to decide whether to accept or decline them.
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How to Become a Self-employed Cloakroom Attendant ?

To become a freelance Cloakroom Attendant, follow these essential steps:

  • Register as a Sole Trader with HMRC: This is a crucial first step, requiring minimal paperwork and enabling legal self-employment.
  • Obtain a UTR Number from HMRC: Secure your Unique Taxpayer Reference number, necessary for tax purposes and identification as a sole trader.
  • Meet Eligibility Requirements: Ensure you're eligible for self-employment in the UK, especially important for non-EU international students who may face restrictions.
  • Manage Your Tax Affairs: Be responsible for submitting an annual self-assessment tax return based on your income and expenses.
  • Maintain Accurate Financial Records: Keep detailed records of all your income and expenses for tax purposes.
  • Understand Tax Obligations: Familiarize yourself with tax bands and VAT requirements as they apply to self-employed professionals.

As a self-employed Cloakroom Attendant, you have the opportunity to explore diverse working options. This includes the ability to combine freelance projects with long-term contracts, providing a varied and dynamic career path. You also enjoy significant work flexibility, allowing you to select your work schedule and locations that best align with your personal goals and preferences.

Additionally, it's important to stay informed by regularly consulting official government resources for any updates or new information related to self-employment.

How to find a Cloakroom Attendant with Brigad ? 

If you're a nightclub, exclusive restaurant, hotel restaurant, theatre, opera, or another venue looking for a new cloakroom attendant, Brigad makes it easy, fast, and efficient to connect you with talented cloakroom attendants and other hospitality and leisure professionals in London.

To hire a qualified cloakroom attendant using Brigad app, 3 steps are sufficient:

  1. Create an account on the Brigad app or website (free registration and no commitment)
  2. Set up your missions in a few clicks specify the required skills, dress code, equipment, duration, payment method, and more.
  3. Submit your mission and let the algorithm handle the rest!

Once you set up a mission, it's sent to talents with the relevant skills in your area.

When a talent accepts, you'll be notified and can then connect with them directly.

All Cloakroom attendants and other hospitality professionals undergo a strict vetting process to ensure the best match.

UK Companies that are Hiring Cloakroom Attendants using Brigad App

Trusted by over 10,000 businesses to reinforce their teams, Brigad is widely used by both large groups and independent businesses in every sector of the hospitality industry.

The platform offers a connection with thousands of highly qualified, self-employed hospitality professionals such as Cloakroom Attendants.