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Webinar : how to get ready for the reopening?

A year ago, millions of workers in the hospitality industry had to stop their activity all of a sudden. In this unprecedented and extraordinary context, our study, carried out among 600 independent hospitality workers showed that 70% of them still plan to continue working in the industry - despite the challenges faced over the last year.

To share the results of our findings, we hosted our first webinar with our community of freelancers where we also shared tips on how to increase likeliness of getting shifts when hospitality businesses reopen.

Here were some of our key findings ...

A willingness to diversify & help others

The complete shutdown of hospitality businesses in March 2020 prompted many freelancers to find alternative solutions to compensate for the loss of activity. That is how professional  chefs, senior waiters, or bartenders made the decision to diversity their activity, within the hospitality industry or in other sectors.

For both Vasile, head chef and freelancer with Brigad since 2019 and Antal, 18 years of experience in hospitality, the situation was an opportunity to help others. Alongside several shifts through Brigad, they chose to diversify their skills and work in the healthcare sector with the NHS.

“This was the opportunity for me to try something new and help others while we wait for hospitality businesses to reopen. I tried to use this time to develop my skills and boost my career”

A good period to upskill

The shutdown of their activity has prompted some freelancers to update their knowledge and learn new  skills thanks to hospitality training.

Darren, senior waiter and freelancer for 2 years with Brigad and Mark, sous-chef, took the opportunity to update their health & safety courses (which included procedures around covid-19).

Others managed to learn new skills thanks to Brigad Academy, like Athos, experienced kitchen porter, who completed the module “Commis chef” to be able to add a new role to his profile.

Brigad tips for increasing shifts

Since the government's announcement of the different steps towards reopening, professionals are getting ready to resume work in the best conditions.

Jaafar’s top tips to be fully prepared for reopening:

  • Updating one’s profile is essential.  Adding skills, training,  updating availability, and activating notifications, are details which are all-important when activity picks up.
  • Rating previous shifts. Giving feedback and rating previous shifts will enable us to know where you wish to work again. Also, you will be giving the business the opportunity to add you to their favourites (meaning you’ll be first in line for shifts !)
  • Uniform. Have your workwear and equipment ready.

🚀 Get ready to go - things to remember before going on shift

Do you have shifts booked for reopening? Here's the to-do list to have in mind before you go ✅

  • Contact the Business 📞 Once the shift is confirmed, contact the Business & introduce yourself
  • Check all the details of the shifts: date and working hours, address of the shift and uniform
  • Plan ahead  🚆Make sure you plan your journey ahead (have a look at City Mapper) so you arrive on time to the shift. Show your professionalism by being on time!

One more tip to stack the odds in your favour : contacting businesses you worked with in the past and let them know you are available when the activity resumes. Freelancers, using Brigad, will have the opportunity to send their messages to their favourite clients.

Even though 2020 was a challenging year, it has shed the light on the commitment, passion and resilience that drive the men and women working everyday in the hospitality and leisure sectors. Indeed, our survey revealed that 30% of the users of the platform managed to work all year long as freelancers.

At Brigad, we are proud to empower a community of thousands of freelancers to have access to more flexible work in the industry!

Missed March’s webinar? You can now watch the replay

Don’t miss out on April’s webinar - we’ll let you know the date soon!

Check out the programme 👇






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