Re-opening: What does the post-covid restaurant look like?

Without waiting on the government's specific guidance for restaurants, pubs & bars concerning the re-opening, the industry is acutely aware that reopening is really about winning consumer confidence:

  • Staff
  • Dining room layout
  • Customer journey

3 top industry players have taken the initiative by demonstrating what restaurants and bars should look like post-covid - answering the questions & concerns of the public.

Manchester’s Albert's Schloss


The very popular restaurant from Manchester, Albert's Schloss has published a video on what their business could look like post-covid ensuring customers that they’re thinking ahead and taking safety very seriously.

BrewDog’s 10-point plan to safe reopening


Scottish famous brewery, Brewdog, who have been extremely committed during the crisis, revealed a 10-step plan to anticipate the reopening of their businesses and keep their customers safe.

You can find all 10 key initiatives on their website.

👏 Brewdog has been supporting the hospitality industry since day 1 and has launched Kickstart Collective to help independent bars, pubs and bottleshops.

The first post-covid designed hotel-restaurant designed In Cornwall


How would hotels continue to operate post-covid? This St Moritz hotel and spa in Cornwall unveiled the first post-covid designed restaurant to welcome their guests and respect social distancing.

This socially distanced built restaurant called ‘Anti-social club’ for hotel guests will consist of 16 private dining rooms with maximum 160 covers in order to respect future government guidelines and offer a unique experience for hotel guests.

Other hotels with great initiatives for reopening:

OYO hotels have launched the initiative "Sanitised Stays" for the several of their establishements in the country, which are a series of procedures including removing non necessary furniture, disinfection of movables and given to guests in bags etc…

All in all, here’s a checklist of what you should think of when reopening your business :

Dining room layout :

  • Measure your space and check how many covers you’ll be able to welcome.

Staff :

  • Monitor your staff’s temperature every morning and make sure they don’t have any symptoms.
  • Provide masks to your staff (either surgical masks or cloth masks) making sure they change them as advised by The World Health Organisation.
  • Provide hand sanitizer in strategic places for your staff

Waiting on customers

  • Contactless ordering : Opt for a digital menu on a tablet that you could sanitize before and after use, a single-use menu or allow customers to order via an app on their phone like Yello

Those are not official guidelines from the government but well-thought out advice, serving as ideas for you to get prepared when you reopen.

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