Inspiring stories from businesses during lockdown

How was business during lockdown? Brigad's users shared their stories on how they managed to keep their business afloat and how they anticipated the reopening.

Planning the reopening : rely on health and safety procedures

For Natalie, owner at 1070 Kitchen, a Kosher production kitchen in London strategy was a bit tricky as to figure out what clients would be doing. Nevertheless, they quickly knew that to be ready to trade fully, they had to make sure their business was respecting all the rules and regulations in place.

✅ Implementing a rigid hygiene policy for our staff to adhere to including temperature taking, masks and regular hand washing (as well as due diligence forms)

✅ Social distancing: Not a problem according to her, she explains: “we are lucky our kitchen is very large in size meaning the chefs can work far apart from each other, respecting the current 2 metre rule”

✅ Menu designing: “we designed some new menus for our clients when they finally return to work that incorporate the idea of ‘individually working from your desk’ (rather than buffet style etc)”

Working with self-employed people during the crisis.

1070 kitchen used Brigad regularly for kitchen porter roles and found using external staff helped her to support her business but to relieve her current staff too.

“We were very lucky that the kitchen porter we took on at the onset of Covid 19 via Brigad, to replace our porter who flew back to Roumania just before the lockdown, has remained with us. Therefore, we have the same person here (who is following all our hygiene procedures etc) which is very helpful from a continuity point of view. Brigad have also been very helpful in advising us of the supply of drivers, should we need this service too in the near future."

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