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Empowering the freelance community with new skills

Giving our community the best chance to access to the greatest roles within the sector has always been a key aim for our business. Despite the challenges of 2020, this is something we have continued to drive, recognising the importance it holds now more than ever. Where lockdown closures and restrictions have meant venues haven’t been operating as normal, we have undertaken initiatives to ensure Brigaders have been able to continue their growth and development during this time, so they are in a position to be put forward for better roles in the future.

Through our Brigad Academy, we have been able to provide our community with the opportunities for upskilling or reskilling themselves. It has meant our valued workforce has been kept busy during quieter periods of lockdown and given them new focuses and goals to strive for, while also opening up new possibilities for jobs that are better paid. For hospitality businesses it also brings clear benefits in giving them access to a greater pool of workers with the specific skill sets required to fulfil certain roles within their operations.

Our training has focused on three areas; back of house, front of house and bar, and has been designed to be undertaken virtually so that workers can benefit from this development during COVID-19 restrictions. It consists of video tutorials and a test, and for those training in a back of house role where food preparation is involved, such as a chef de partie, they need to create a dish from a recipe and share videos of this. Once a worker completed the training and test and passed, the specific skill or role will be added to their profile, meaning that they will then have a new set of job roles and shifts to go forward for.

Providing this level of support to our community is something we take incredibly seriously at Brigad. Upskilling and reskilling can have a significant impact on someone’s livelihood; it can mean the difference between being paid or not. And, as we’re sadly set to see more people facing unemployment in the coming months, it’s important to recognise the role that freelance communities like Brigad can play in providing assistance and empowerment for people entering the freelance environment for the first time.

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