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Our mission to “make work attractive and accessible to all” also applies internally.

We strive to build a healthy, balanced and inclusive work environment so that our employees are as happy and fulfilled as our users.

A Courageous Outlook


At Brigad, we support your integration into the team with a day dedicated to:

- Meeting with the co-founders and COO to familiarise yourself with Brigad’s history and business model;

- Our HR team will also train you in our various internal tools, and present the product in more detail so you become a Champion on Brigad and its background.


At Brigad, we have 5 weeks of paid holiday per year. You accumulate 2.08 days for each full month of work over a period spanning from June 1 to May 31 of each year. Interns also receive paid time off, offered by Brigad.

Language Lessons

Being a company with international ambitions, it seemed obvious that for everyone to be able to communicate as best as possible, we had to offer language courses (French to English and vice versa).

'Mutuelle' and 'Prévoyance' Health Insurance

Brigad's 'Mutuelle' Health Insurance provider is Alan.

Alan's user-friendly interface makes procedures simpler as everything can be done online via the smartphone app. This includes taking pictures of your medical bills, sending them and getting them reimbursed in record time. This insurance covers many treatments, in particular some alternative medicines. Find out all about it, with all documentation available on the app.

Less well-known than 'Mutuelle', Brigad also covers 100% of the cost of compulsory 'Prévoyance' insurance for its employees.

Career Path

At Brigad, you will have constant visibility on the evolution of your professional career, and discuss your expectations directly with your manager. The Career Path allows you to advance and know the skills required to reach the next stage, ensuring transparency and fairness.


Thanks to Brigad, you’ll be able to access the entire Gymlib Catalogue at a discounted price. Whether you're more into the gym or swimming, you'll definitely find a great colleague to go with you!

Working from home

At Brigad, we love working together, side-by-side. We are also completely open to remote work, for anyone who prefers it!

Regardless of your contract (internship, work-study, full-time etc.), working from home is available to all Brigad employees, as long as their work is compatible with this way of working.

Meal Vouchers

At Brigad, we opted for Swile, a Mastercard valid everywhere in France, including in supermarkets and restaurants (€8.50 per day).

BSPCE (Stock Options)

Because we are all players in Brigad's growth, we made the choice very early on to award BSPCEs (a type of stock option in France) to each of the company's new employees. This way, we are all invested in the future of the company!

The values driving our growth

Brigad's core values guide us every day, helping us tackle challenges with consistency while building an extremely strong culture.

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“Courage is the middle ground between fear and audacity.” - Aristotle. Every aspect of our thinking revolves around it. Our decisions are driven by the desire to innovate and improve the lives of our community.


Looking out for others and making sure we do things the right way. We take care of each other and everyone around us.


At Brigad, we like to see the results of our actions. Everything we do must have a real, visible and positive impact for all of our employees and users.


A smile makes everything much simpler and more beautiful! We love working together and make work as pleasant as possible. Celebrating every success, no matter how big or small.


VP Sales Healthcare
at Brigad

In their own words

I started working at Brigad in 2018 as a Business Developer, initially selling to Parisian restaurant owners. I then helped Brigad expand to new cities by meeting businesses face-to-face.

After 1 year of prospecting, I set up my own Sales teams so we could continue to conquer the French hospitality market.

2 years later, an opportunity arose to open a new vertical at Brigad: Healthcare. Today, I am VP of Sales for Healthcare and the challenges keep coming!

I’ve worked here for five years, and each year was rewarding as it was action-filled!  

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Building a product is good but to fully understand it, you have to experience it.

This ambitious idea led us to set up the ‘Make a Shift’ project at Brigad in 2021.

This project is aimed at Brigad’s employees, and consists of creating a Talent account on the platform and completing one or more missions.

The main goal of the project is to provide employees with a more comprehensive understanding of the product they’re supporting every day. A unique experience specific to Brigad.

To give the project even more meaning, we reached out to some associations with the aim of helping others…and we were able to offer our employees missions of a different kind; gift wrapping at the BHV in Paris, sorting clothes and giving out meals to the homeless. Which turned out to be genuine and authentic life experiences for some.

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