What is it like to work at Brigad?

Our mission to “make work attractive and accessible to all” also applies internally.

We strive to build a healthy, balanced, and inclusive work environment so that our colleagues and partners are as happy and fulfilled as our users.

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Some advantages of working at Brigad

All our employees can take advantage of the following benefits:

🏖 Annual leave

At Brigad, we have 5 weeks of paid annual leave per year.

You accumulate 2.08 days for each full month of work between 1st June and 31st May each year.

Interns also receive the same annual leave, courtesy of Brigad.

🏋️ Sport

Thanks to Brigad, you can enjoy access to Gymlib’s entire catalogue at preferential rates.

Whether you prefer the gym or the pool, you’ll be sure to find a colleague to go with you!

📈 Stock options

Since we are all instrumental in Brigad’s growth, very early we chose to give stock options to every new company employee.

As a result, we are all invested in the future of the company!

🤒 Health insurance

At Brigad, we have selected ‘Alan’ for our employee health insurance (‘la mutuelle’ in French).

Alan’s interface is remarkably intuitive, which makes carrying out administrative tasks much simpler. You can do everything on the smartphone application: take photos of your medical bills, submit them, and receive your refund, all in record time.

The policy covers various treatments, including certain alternative medicines, so feel free to have a look at what is available to you (all the documentation is available through the app).

Less well-known than ‘la mutuelle’ is ‘la prévoyance’, another type of mandatory insurance that Brigad pays for 100%.

✈️ Career Path

At Brigad, you will constantly be in control of your career progression. The Career Path allows you to progress within the company and understand what skills you need to acquire to reach the next step!

🍰 Subsidised meal vouchers

At Brigad, we have opted for Swile, a Mastercard preloaded with your monthly meal allowance that you can use all over France, including in supermarkets and restaurants (€8.50 per day).

👩‍💻 Language classes

Being a company with international ambitions, it seemed obvious to us that we should offer language classes in order to allow our employees to communicate and share ideas as effectively as possible (both French and English classes are available).

🏡 💻 Working from home

At Brigad, we love working together, side by side. We are also completely open to working remotely, for those who wish to do so!

No matter your contract (internship, work placement, permanent), working from home is open to all Brigad employees, as long as their job role is compatible.

Make a shift – dive into the Brigad universe.

Building a product is great, but understanding it and using it for yourself is even better.

With this ambition in mind, in 2021 we rolled out the “Make a Shift” project at Brigad.

The project involves Brigad employees creating a Brigader account on the platform and carrying out a few missions for themselves.

The main goal of the project is to offer employees a more global vision of the product they work on every day and a truly unique experience of life as a Brigader, if just for a few hours.

To make the project even more meaningful, we work with various charities to carve out bespoke missions and roles centred around helping others. This allows us to offer our employees a wide range of missions (gift wrapping at a department store, sorting donated clothes, distributing meals to the homeless, etc.) providing truly unforgettable experiences.

Make a shift