We have always been committed to rethinking the world of work, to make careers in passion-fuelled professions easier.

Founded in 2016, Brigad was born from the observation that the job market had been steering passionate people away from their calling.

We take the weight off of businesses under pressure by connecting them with
reliable self-employed professionals, and managing the administrative side of their relationship.

Most importantly, we give Talents the chance to regain control of their career and
time with personalised missions to suit their individual needs.

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Our vision of flexible work.

“Where passions thrive”

The are professions that we choose, suffer through and turn up to work at 9am armed with patience to get through the day. But then, there are others: those which choose us. They become a part of us and allow us to express ourselves.

But choosing a career is no easy task.

It is a choice we must make on our own, and we may feel ill-equipped or isolated. And yet, it is also sacred. There's nothing more disheartening than a caregiver who doesn't care, or a waiter who can't wait to go home.

So, at Brigad, we're fighting for your life's passion to be heard, so it can prosper and grow.

It's in our DNA to help each professional in the Hospitality and Care sector exercise their profession while being valued and respected, but most importantly independent and free.

Because freedom enables talent to shine.

We offer a model that allows people living with passion, to also make a living from it. We're placing at their disposal an online tool and community, uniting those who work enthusiastically to make society more caring and human.

We are rethinking the world of work to make careers in passion-fuelled professions, fully appreciated and fairly paid.

... and that's our life's passion!

In their own words

They embraced their life's passion!

Behind each Talent, there is is a life and a unique story. We invite you to discover their commited nature and life's passions through our series of testimonials: a community with with a diverse background and unrivalled skillsets.

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Our mission: make work attractive and accessible to all


Brigad's mission is to make work attractive and accessible to all, especially in hospitality and healthcare industries. Here is our first mission report presenting the results of our work these past two years and our 6 commitments as a mission-driven company.

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Brigad raises €33M to help industries tackle the staffing crisis


Since its creation in 2016, Brigad has offered everyone the opportunity to pursue their passion and still feel valued, considered and, above all, free. By giving talents the means to pursue their passion as independent work, Brigad allows them to enjoy control over their schedule, regain a healthy and fulfilling life balance, and continue to advance in their career.

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Making the most of every workplace interaction


In hospitality and in healthcare, you meet dozens of new people every day. Here is Brigad’s advice for getting the most out of every interaction you have at work — from improving your social wellbeing to boosting your career progression.

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Passion and Entrepreneurship

Our history

Brigad was founded in 2016 by two passionate entrepreneurs. Florent Malbranche (CEO) and Jean Lebrument (CPO) aimed to use their skills to help those who had also decided to pursue their life's passion.

Initially dedicated to the Hospitality industry (the co-founders' sector), their activity expanded in 2020 to include roles in Healthcare aswell. Brigad then officially became a mission-driven company, and continues to expand into distinct industries.

Brigad has quickly become a name of reference in France and the United Kingdom, today allowing more than 15,000 passionate talents to make a living from their skills, and more than 15,000 companies to call on talented professionals in a few clicks.

The values driving our growth

Brigad's core values guide us every day, helping us tackle challenges with consistency while building an extremely strong culture.

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“Courage is the middle ground between fear and audacity.” - Aristotle. Every aspect of our thinking revolves around it. Our decisions are driven by the desire to innovate and improve the lives of our community.


Looking out for others and making sure we do things the right way. We take care of each other and everyone around us.


At Brigad, we like to see the results of our actions. Everything we do must have a real, visible and positive impact for all of our employees and users.


A smile makes everything much simpler and more beautiful! We love working together and make work as pleasant as possible. Celebrating every success, no matter how big or small.