Make work attractive and accessible to all.

This is the mission that drives us every day and allows thousands of freelancers to earn a living, all whilst giving businesses the chance to work with the best talent.

In 3 years, Brigad's platform has created the equivalent of over 2 million hours of work. We are extremely proud to have allowed more than 10,000 freelancers to live their own way from their talents.

Find out more about our history and our vision of the job market.

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Our vision of flexible working

"Work your own way" Four years ago, we laid the foundations of a model which today allows nearly 10,000 freelancers to work in the most free, flexible and rewarding way. It has also allowed thousands of businesses — in France and in Europe — to instantly find the best profiles for their short-term staffing needs.

It was a gamble based on deep-rooted convictions: opening the world of freelance work to those that we don't normally think of when we hear the word “freelance”.

While our personal experiences led us to first specialise in the hospitality sector, we are now committed to helping and supporting workers in other sectors in need, such as retail, health, and construction.

We are proud to support this new generation of entrepreneurs. Thanks to digital tools, they have easier access to a network of businesses and fairly-paid missions calling out for their particular skills.

The countless lives and stories behind our Brigaders

Behind each freelancer is a life and a unique story that we want to share with you in “Brigaders in Their Own Words”. The series shines the spotlight on the life experiences and passions of these talented individuals! Countless journeys that put our community's unique know-how centre stage.

Isabel Mayfair: staying open for service using Brigad

Isabel Mayfair: staying open for service using Brigad


Wioletta Nowak from Isabel Mayfair tells us how using Brigad has enabled her permanent staff to take regular breaks and ensure the restaurant remains open for service, despite facing staff shortages and hiring problems over the course of Brexit and COVID-19.

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"Brigad changed my life" - Ornis Lodi, freelance carer

"Brigad changed my life" - Ornis Lodi, freelance carer


User of Brigad and freelance carer, Ornis Lodi, tells us about how Brigad has changed her life and allowed her to rediscover her job.

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Top tips to be a freelance chef

Top tips to be a freelance chef


What is it like to be a self-employed chef today? Clyde, chef working through Brigad for over two years, is talking about being an independent chef in London nowadays.

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Our story, a blend of passion and entrepreneurship.

Brigad is the result of an encounter between two passionate entrepreneurs, Florent Malbranche (CEO) and Jean Lebrumet (CTO/CPO), who decide to put their skills to good use supporting a noble cause: to highlight the value of what they call “expertise careers”. While at first the focus was on the hospitality industry — an industry dear to our two founders' hearts — the vision to create a technological solution that can be used across many industries was first imagined in 2016.

In four years of operations, Brigad has become a reference in France and in the UK and allows more than 10,000 freelancer to make a living from their skills and more than 15,000 businesses to make use of talented staff in just a few clicks.

In 2020, the company officially became a social enterprise and began its work alongside the healthcare sector.

Florent Malbranche (CEO) et Jean Lebrument (CTO/CPO)

The values that guide our growth

Brave 💪

Aristotle said, “Courage is the golden mean between fear and audacity.” We place it at the heart of every decision-making process. The need to innovate and to improve the lives of our community guides every decision we make.

Impact ✅

At Brigad, we like to see the results of our work. Therefore, everything we do must have a real, visible and positive impact on all our partners and users.

Care 🤗

Look out for others and make sure we do things the right way. We take care of each other and everyone around us.

Enjoy 🙌

Because everything gets better and easier with a simple smile! We enjoy working together and make work as pleasant as possible. Celebrating wins, from small ones to big ones, is non-negotiable for us.