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Why events are essentials in Brigad model ?

One of our missions at Brigad is not only to ensure access to work but to help and support the self-employed community in developing their activity.

Each month, as a self-employed professional, you can sign up for upcoming events and webinars designed specifically for you:

  • How to manage your taxes and stay on top of your finances
  • Tips and advice on how to improve your skills and get receive more missions
  • Access to resources with content that will help and support your business
  • Soft skills to build client loyalty and add jobs to your Brigad profile

Upcoming events

How to increase your revenue?

Do you know that you can receive 4 times more missions by simply managing your account better?

Pauline, Community Manager, has put together her best tips in a 15-minute video to help you boost your profile and increase your revenue.

You'll be able to ask any questions you might have during the session.

What to expect?

How to manage your account
Our tips to retain your clients and extend your network
How to upskill & access new missions

Next session will be on Thursday, 16th March 2023


3:00 pm

Past events

How are you protected while on a mission with Brigad?

Are you wondering which insurances and protections you are entitled to while on a mission with Brigad?

‍This webinar is made for you!

What you will learn:

‍- Your insurance programme at Brigad with Collective Benefits Β 

- Eligibility and covers

- How to make a claim through the Collective Benefits portal

How to manage your finances and tax

Want to know more on how to manage your finances & tax when you're self-employed?

Jamie Trowell, Founder of Tax Ninja - Brigad's Accounting partner, will give all the information you need to be at peace with your tax :

What you will learn:

- What to do after you set your sole-trader account?
- When & how to do your tax?
- Which expenses to claim?


Discover Brigad's new identity with Jean Lebrument, our cofounder & CPO.

Jean Lebrument, cofounder & CPO introduces Brigad's new identity which embodies our mission and values.