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Why events are essentials in Brigad model ?

One of our missions at Brigad is not only to ensure access to work but to help and support the self-employed community in developing their activity.

Each month, as freelancers (or future freelancers), you can sign up for upcoming events and webinars designed specifically for you:

  • How to manage your taxes and stay on top of your finances
  • Tips and advice on how to improve your skills and get receive more missions
  • Access to resources with content that will help and support your freelance business
  • Training on hard and soft skills to build client loyalty and add jobs to your Brigad profile

Upcoming events

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Past events

New 'Propositions' tab in the Brigad app

The mission propositions tab has recently changed so you can manage your account more easily.

We are hosting a webinar dedicated to explaining this new feature, answering all the questions you might have & to help you use it the best way possible!

This will take place on Tuesday, 26th April 2022 at 5pm (BST).

What to expect during this webinar:

  • How this new feature makes managing your propositions easy
  • How to arrange the propositions by distance, pay, and start date
  • How to manage propositions you aren't interested in

Insurances for Brigaders: how are you covered at work?

This webinar is for you to better understand your insurance cover while on a mission at Brigad. Our team will be hosting this webinar with one of our partners: Collective Benefits. They will answer all the questions you might have: when does my protection start? What do I have to do? Do I have to pay?

It will be a great opportunity to talk about your benefits at Brigad and how we can support your activity even better.

How to use new features in the application to receive more missions?

Do you want to know how to use the new features in the application to receive more missions with Brigad?
Then this webinar is for you!

Jaafar, Key Account Operations Expert and Pauline, Community Manager at Brigad will show you these brand new updates and how to use them the best way possible.
Don't miss this webinar to boost your activity on Brigad 🚀

Master your Restaurant Customer Service

How to welcome guests in a restaurant? Take orders? Pour wine or carry plates? Refresh your customer service skills & increase your job opportunities

We’re going to go through everything it takes to be the best at customer service and become waiter of the year 🏆
One hour training with a top freelancer working with 15 years experience in the hospitality industry.

Nail your customer service to increase your chance to receive more shifts through the platform.

How to manage your finances and tax

Webinar host in partnership with Coconut. They tackle hot topics like managing your finances and save for your tax when you go freelance. Watch again the webinar and read the key learnings of the session!

Upskill yourself and develop your career as a freelancer

Advice & tips from our experts at Brigad and top clients using the plaftorm on how to upskill & develop your career as a freelancer.

How to get ready for reopening?

Webinar on how to get ready for hospitality reopening