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Propositions de missions

On your smartphone

Once your experiences and qualifications have been verified, you will begin receiving missions on your smartphone. You will see detailed descriptions of each mission, and you are free to accept or refuse each one.

Paiement automatisΓ©

Weekly payment

Once the mission is finished, your invoice is automatically generated and is paid within 7 days. Brigad guarantees you will be paid on time.



It's all up to you. Tell us your availabilities and receive notifications of the missions that suit you. Choose whichever one you want. You are free to work when and where you like.

Partenaires et avantages

Perks and bonuses

When you sign up to Brigad, you become part of a community of over 15,000 freelancers. Like in any community, you have access to exclusive perks: negotiated insurance premiums, discounts on equipment, training...

Showing the value of nursing

Wendy Reculard is a professional freelance nursing assistant. Here, she explains her career, her motivation, and her decision to become a freelancer.

Freelancers: get missions that suit you, easily.

With Brigad, work comes knocking on your smartphone's door. You get the missions that suit your skills and availabilities and choose to accept the ones that you want, it's totally up to you.

What do we do? We find you the best clients and guarantee your payments. With Brigad, every minute worked is a minute paid, and you are guaranteed to receive your payments on time.

Karine, aide-soignante

Make work attractive and accessible to all

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