Find out how Brigad is going to help you save (lots of) time.

We have developed easy-to-use tools and technologies specially for you. They provide a whole host of features that allow you to contact and work with freelancers in your community. Simple, but effective.

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Create a mission: from your smartphone or computer with just a few clicks

In a few seconds on your computer or smartphone, you can create missions to meet your temporary staffing needs.

Choose the skills you are looking for, the duration of the mission, and approve the suggested price.

Automated staffing: easily find and contact the best freelancers

Once your missions is created, it will automatically be shown to all freelancers with the correct skills in your area.

When a freelancer accepts your offer, you receive a notification, and you can contact each other directly. Brigad's job ends here.

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Your favourites: prioritise the freelancers you have already worked with

All freelancers registered with Brigad have extraordinary skills, but sometimes a mission goes even better than usual and you want to give priority to that person in the future.

Add them to your favourites and they will be given priority over your future missions (within the limits of usage allowed by the platform).

Simplified invoicing: all your invoices and engagement letters in the same place

Managing contractor invoicing can be a nightmare for accountants.

We have made all administrative processes as simple as possible: payments are automatic and you can find past mission details and invoices all in the same place.

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