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Brigad puts hospitality and care establishments in touch with a community of 10,000 self-employed professionals for temporary assignments.

It's in our DNA

to ensure that each professional in the hospitality and care industry can carry out their career being not only valued and respected, but also independent and free.

Because freedom enables talent to shine.

Our commitments as a mission-driven company

Easy as 1,2,3

Brigad's technology consists of an insightful algorithm, for an extremely simple experience.
Access a community of motivated and qualified talents in less than 3 minutes.

4 features

Estimate the cost of a mission in less than a minute

Just enter the address, dates and times of the mission, as well as the role and number of people you need to access the estimated cost.


Receive the contact details of the person who accepted your mission

A community of thousands of commited, passionate and hard-working individuals with verified profiles available to meet your specific needs.


Access automatically-generated documents in your account

Brigad also makes the transactional side secure: payment, invoices, insurance and generation of contracts between parties.


Easily rework with your favourite profiles

Add the profiles you loved working with to a whitelist and have them receive your missions in priority

Our users report saving dozens of
hours per week!

Over 10,000 satisfied businesses

With an acceptance rate of 80% within 2 hours, both large groups and small independents trust Brigad

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The Berkeley
C du Jardin

Passion-fuelled work

Line Cooks

Head Chefs, Sous Chefs & Chef de Parties


Waiters/ Waitresses

Life assistants


Care Assistant

Self-employed nurses

Are you a large group in the hospitality industry?

Save time managing your workforce

Brigad adapts to your needs and internal processes.

In a few minutes, Brigad puts you in touch with qualified profiles in the hospitality sector for temporary assignments.

Big names in hospitality, catering and events already trust us - join them!

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When do I pay?

Access to the platform is free and without obligation. A payment only becomes due 72 hours after the completion of a mission.

What happens if no one accepts my mission?

If no one accepts the mission, there is no cost. However this happens very rarely: 80% of missions are accepted in less than 2 hours, and in general 99% of missions are accepted.

How do I cancel a mission?

Once a mission is posted, you can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before the mission starts.

Is Brigad legal?

Absolutely! Brigad holds “Online Platform Operator” status in the eyes of the law, meaning we respect legal obligations while being accompanied by specialised lawyers.

What if work presented as freelance was actually full-time employment disguised?

We've controlled for this by putting limitations in place to avoid any overly frequent collaborations between a given establishment and a given talent.

Who to contact if there's a problem?

Our Customer Support team is available 7 days a week from 8am to 7pm to answer your questions and find solutions for you.

A question, a problem,
a suggestion?

Our help team remains constantly at your disposal.

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