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New 'Propositions' tab in the Brigad app

The mission propositions tab has recently changed so you can manage your account more easily.

We are hosting a webinar dedicated to explaining this new feature, answering all the questions you might have & to help you use it the best way possible!

This will take place on Tuesday, 26th April 2022 at 5pm (BST).

What to expect during this webinar:

  • How this new feature makes managing your propositions easy
  • How to arrange the propositions by distance, pay, and start date
  • How to manage propositions you aren't interested in
5:43 pm
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Brigad Community Partners

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The tax app for freelancers.

We know that going freelance can be a bit scary at first, especially when it comes to tax. Coconut has developed a service designed for freelancers to keep track of your expenses and income.

Tax made easy finally!

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Hospitality & healthcare training courses.

Being able to train regularly is essential when working for yourself. Refreshing and updating your skills enable freelancers to develop their activity.

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Good practices

Brigad - a new identity to better represent a better working world

For a while now, Brigad has been in need of a branding upgrade. We explain how our new branding will ensure that our ambitious goals for the future can be met, whilst maintaining our compassionate values. A new Brigad to embody people, community and passion.

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Work till you drop: our changing view on overtime

Just because you're passionate about your work, doesn't mean your wellbeing has to suffer. We've taken a look into how people are changing their view on overtime for the better.

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Not a “People Person”? Brigad’s Tips for Improving Soft Skills and Working With People You Don’t Know

At work, your industry expertise and experience may not always be the be-all and end-all. Let Brigad explain how to train your soft skills and learn to work in a team with people you don’t know.

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Stranger Summer: seeking out short, accessible and alternative UK holidays

In the summer of Stranger Things, why not make the most of the U.K.’s strangest holiday spots? Whether you’re planning a weekend away, or an afternoon out, these wacky locations will be fun for all the family.

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