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Brigad connects the best freelancers in hospitality with traditional, corporate or event catering companies, for short and medium term assignments.


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Brigad operates in France and in the United Kingdom. We regularly open new cities in France and across Europe.


The best freelancers

Instantly find the best independent workers in the hospitality industry without having to look for them. With Brigad, you are part of a community of thousands of available profiles.

Stop wasting time hunting for that rare gem, and concentrate on what you love most.

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The best missions

You have a unique know-how that you want to put to use with the best companies. With Brigad, you receive mission in line with your skill set.

You become part of a community of passionate workers, just like you. You choose when and where you work, no ties.

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Trust and peace of mind

All missions with Brigad are insured by our partner Collective Benefits.

We secure all financial transactions in order to guarantee a smooth payment process.

Our help centre is available if you have any problems or questions.

Make work attractive and accessible to all

Brigad is a social enterprise. Find out more.

Brigad allows me to work whenever I want for a very decent income. Payments are regular, and always on time!




Before, it was really complicated. Now, Brigad is the ideal solution to replace absent staff or absorb peaks of activity! A reactive and skilled team!


Manager at C' Du Jardin

Thanks to Brigad I can control my working hours and discover new places and ways to work. It's a constant learning experience.




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15,000 freelancers expert in their field work with us to find missions for them.